British Columbia, DOE Team Study Microbe in OMZ

Researchers are studying the genomes of uncultivated microbes found in OMZs to better understand how they participate in global geochemical cycles such as the carbon and nitrogen cycles.

Waste Connections Expands Landfill Energy Project

Services company signs agreement with DTE Biomass Energy to use methane as a feedstock for renewable electric power.

Meth House Contamination May Linger, Researcher Says

NIST funds study to research the interactions between building materials and chemicals used in methamphetamine labs.

WERF Issues RFP on Decentralized Systems Research Guide

Proposals must be submitted by Nov. 23 and all work must be completed by April 2010.

Cyanide Sensor Detects Below Toxicity Threshold

A designer molecule created by researchers at Indiana University Bloomington works in water at normal pH levels.

Opinion Survey Finds Gap between the Talk and the Walk

Awareness doesn't always translate into action, especially when it comes to green energy behaviors.

Groundwater Arsenic Study Recruits Locals in India

Kansas State professor arms women and children with pamphlets and testing kits in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Sodexo Earns Kudos for Sourcing Food Locally

A South Carolina school district serves more than 25 percent local produce in school cafeterias.

Read the Tree Leaves for Particulate Matter Levels

Western Washington University study finds that tree leaves on busy diesel bus routes were more magnetic than those from rural areas.

EPA Takes Action for Drinking Water in 3 States

Region 8 finds Safe Drinking Water Act violations in public water systems in Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

Carbon Capture Shows Potential in China

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics researchers identify 100 years of carbon storage reservoirs.

Lake Sunapee Gets Funds to Prepare for Climate, Growth

NOAA provides $243,000 in funding for the development of safeguards for the Lake Sunapee Watershed against climate change effects and population growth.

Virginia Tech to Develop DOE Smart Grid Portal

Among other things, the portal will serve as a decision support tool for rule-making and evaluating the impact of investments in the smart grid technologies and software.