Wilbur-Ellis Fined for Not Putting PPE Rules on Pesticide Label

EPA says agricultural products distributor should pay $99,600 for 21 alleged violations.

Judge Rules against SNWA Groundwater Plan

The Southern Nevada Water Authority may appeal a recent court decision on a state engineer's approval of the authority's application to tap rural groundwater supplies.

Lithuania Adopts Andra's Radioactive Waste Disposal Concept

Andra signed a commercial contract with Lithuania in the framework of a consortium led by Areva TA.

Luminant Wins Award for Mine Reclamation Program

U.S. Department of the Interior describes company program as a "model for others."

DNR Confirms High Levels of E. Coli in Weatherby Lake

Kansas City Public Works says a power failure caused one of its lift stations to go offline.

Utility Awards $12.7 M Contract to Fuel Tech

Midwestern utility purchases low NOx burners and over-fire air system to comply with Regional Haze Rule.

IBM, EPA Ireland Make a Splash for Beach Water Quality

Internet portal and water data enable smarter management across more than 130 of Ireland's beaches and lakes.

Denver Water Hikes Rates for 2010

Board expects to use funds to help pay for 10-year capital plan.

Dairy Power Summit Jumpstarts N.Y. Digester Projects

GE Energy produces engines that can help dairy farmers generate methane energy.

The ITER machine

Warning: Future Fusion Facility Contains Coconuts

The first commercially-viable Tokamak fusion facility is using coconut-shell charcoal as an absorption mechanism.

WSSC Water Main Inspection Program Uses AFOs

Acoustic fiber optic cable installed on major water transmission mains lets operators detect precursors to failure.

Case Foundation Invests in Water for Africa

Water For People says transformative investment will accelerate and expand efforts to provide innovative, sustainable water solutions in Africa.

Earthworks: Chesapeake Backs Off Natural Gas Drilling

Group says Chesapeake Energy will not drill for natural gas within New York City's watershed, which supplies water to 9 million people.

$2.4 M Funds Strategy Work for Gulf Dead Zone

NOAA research grants to help answer when, where and how hypoxia develops at finer temporal and spatial scales.

EPA to Revoke Rules Allowing Carbofuran Pesticide

The Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward without an evidentiary hearing to implement the agency's May 2009 final rule revoking tolerances, or residue limits, for the pesticide carbofuran.

IGCC Technology Slated for Calif. Project

Integrated gasification combined cycle process at Kern County plant will convert coal power to electricity and capture and sequester carbon dioxide in an adjacent oil field.

Court: DOE Reconsider Calif. Washing Machine Standards

State standard called for machines to use only 6 gallons of water per cubic foot of capacity by 2010.

Cage Protects Backflow Preventer from Theft

Security door manufacturer steps up production to protect against copper theft.