Environmental Protection


Slowing Turbine Blades Lowers Bat Mortality, Study Says

University of Calgary scientists say bats are more likely to fly in low wind speeds, at which time the turbines can be slowed without a loss in energy generation.

Exelon CEO Pushes for Price on Carbon at ACEEE Meeting

Rowe announces that his company will not be renewing its membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because, he said, the organization opposes climate legislation.

WWF: G20 Note Urgency, but Fail to Act on Financing

Heads of the world's 20 largest economies acknowledged the urgent need for a deal in Copenhagen but they took very few concrete measures.

Idaho Mapping Method Earns Ash Award

Data from Earth-observing Landsat satellites plays a central role in a new, award-winning type of mapping that tracks water use.

Purdue Answers Boiling Question on Cooling Systems

Knowing how fluid boils in microchannels may help engineers develop cool high-power electronics for transportation, computers, and other devices.

N.Y. Sues Waste Hauler for Dumping Raw Sewage

A septic tank and cesspool service provider allegedly emptied a tanker trunk into a stream that feeds New York City's water supply.

National Biodiesel Board Suggests Changes to RFS2 Rule

The board says EPA is using outdated data and assumptions on indirect land use-change that should be corrected in the expanded Renewable Fuels Standard the agency has proposed.

Fall May be Time to Rethink the Landscape

San Antonio Water System offers a drought recovery toolkit, complete with monetary incentives.

Agency Releases WaterSense Specs for Showerheads

The draft specification sets the maximum flow rate at 2 gallons per minute at 80 psi.

EPA Recognizes 3 Climate Leaders for Reducing GHGs

The agency noted the achievements of Exelon Corp., Public Service Enterprise Group, and Raytheon in reaching or surpassing their goals in the Climate Leaders program.

PPG Innovation Receives Michigan Green Chemistry Award

The Governor's Award recognizes PPG's Green Logic paint detackifier.

Strong Climate Treaty Could Bring 2.7 M Jobs, Report Claims

Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Council report says that a switch from coal to renewable power generation will create 2.7 million more jobs by 2030.

Experts Say Smart Irrigation Doesn't Make the Grade

Texas A&M irrigation experts test six devices and found that they applied more water than was recommended.

Venture to Support Solar and Wind Power in Nairobi

Kenyan trust and financing company hope to develop a new business model for sustainable development.

EPA OKs Use of CO2 for Supermarket Coolers

Hill Phoenix will be able to replace HCFCs with CO2 in supermarket refrigeration.

EDF Praises $320-M Initiative for Mississippi River

The USDA uses farm bill's conservation provisions to address runoff from farming operations 12 states.

Compliance Issues Arise with Pandemic Fever

The second wave of the H1N1 is spreading across the nation. Projections say that the H1N1 virus could cause 30-40% absenteeism among the workforce. This may make it necessary for co-workers or management to assume unfamiliar or less familiar tasks.

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