Lab Contaminated Tri-Cities' Water Samples

EPA said some Saginaw, Midland and Bay City water samples are unusable due to lab contamination so retesting for furans is required.

EPA Provides Best Practices for Meth Lab Cleanup

State and local governments now have technical guidance in the form of voluntary guidelines to remediate methamphetamine laboratories.

Cobb County, James City Are Partners of the Year

Agency also recognized Kohler Co., Lowe's, and Brian Vinchesi.

EPA Files Stormwater Complaints against Port of LA Tenants

Four marine companies face fines of up to $177,500.

Flax Car is Fast, Runs on Chocolate and Animal Fats

U.K. researcher and team built a sustainable race car that will be tested Oct. 17.

Hach's Turbidity Technology Simplifies Calibration

The company says its new 2100Q portable turbidimeter delivers the most accurate turbidity readings

Australian Desal Plant to Use PX Devices

The Pressure Exchanger devices reduce energy in desalination plants.

NGWA Selects Einarson for Technology Award

This hydrogeologist has more than 25 years of work in developing, testing, and applying new approaches to cost-effective site characterization and remediation.

Winery Demos Clean Hydrogen Gas from Wastes

Penn State engineer and Napa Wine Company use a microbial electrolysis plant to process agricultural wastewater.

USGS Grants Universities $5 M to for Earthquake Safety

Stimulus funds are being distributed to modernize seismic networks and data processing centers.

Agency Proposes Michindoh as Sole Source Aquifer

The designation should better protect the aquifer, which would provide drinking water residents in parts of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

MIT Analysis: Lower CO2 Now May Stem Catastrophe

Co-director Ron Prinn says we can stabilize climate if the United States and others would meet aggressive emissions targets.

4 Cogeneration Facilities Earn Energy Star Awards

EPA recognizes Calpine Corp., Mass. Corrections Department, Equity Office Properties and Patterson Farms.

Cottonwood, Ariz., Water Systems Must Lower Arsenic Levels

EPA says that if the city's four systems don't, they will face penalties of up to $37,500 for each violation.

7 Electronics Companies Minimize Bromine, Chlorine

ChemSec and Clean Production Action feature companies such as Apple and Sony in a report on lowering the use of toxic substances in electronic products.

Chinese Drywall Damage Claims Grow in Mississippi

Lawyers refer claims to a consolidated suit in federal court.

5 New York Projects Share $3.5 M in ARRA Funds

New York Gov. David A. Paterson announced $3.5 million for innovative water quality projects in the North Country through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Companies Turn Wastewater Cellulose into Ethanol

Applied Cleantech and Qteros have developed Q Microbe technology, which transforms municipal wastewater solids material into automobile fuel.