Analysis Applies Oil Industry Lessons to Groundwater Issues

Oregon State University's Todd Jarvis says the unitization concept, which requires cooperation, may work to protect groundwater usage and supply.

Parks' Advocacy Brings in $40 M in Funds, NRPA Says

Legislators approved the increase in funding through the Land and Water Conservation Act Stateside Assistance Program for 2010.

12 Approaches to Clean up World's Worst Pollution

Blacksmith Institute report highlights top 12 cleanups and successes from around the world.

Silicon-air Battery Claims a Longer Shelf Life

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology scientists have developed a lighter weight, longer lasting battery that could be made even more powerful and rechargeable.

SF Transit Must Set Up ICS Training for 2005 Spill

DOJ lodges consent decree against the city and county of San Francisco for Transit Authority's failure to comply with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act's underground storage tank rules.

ABO Applauds Inclusion of Algae-based Fuels in Bill

The Algal Biomass Organization said it believes the provisions will strengthen the algae industry and promote development and commercialization of algae-based fuels.

Stimulus-funded Researchers Meet to Address BPA Gaps

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences gathered scientists on Oct. 6 to begin an integrated research initiative that will enable a comprehensive assessment of possible health effects.

WSSC Reports SSO to Piscataway Creek

Heavy rains, accidental opening of a valve release an estimated 130,000 gallons of untreated, diluted wastewater into the creek.

biofuel gene lab

Ecology, Biofuels Mixed up in DOE Genome Award

Sandia Laboratory and others will study microbial genes in arid grasslands.

Study Finds that Washing Releases Nanosilver from Textiles

Scientists in Switzerland say up to 35 percent of the total nanosilver in tested fabrics was released, mostly in the first wash.

AEP to Test Stability of Ash Impoundment

As a precaution, EPA alerted West Virginia and Ohio officials of its concerns related to the Philip Sporn facility.

Overall U.S. Water Use Fairly Stable, Report Says

USGS report credits efficiency, technology for lower water usage results.

EPA Requests Comments on Survey for Stormwater Rule

The agency wants owners, operators, developers and contractors to complete questionnaires about current stormwater management practices.

MRM, ERI Collaborate for Massachusetts' Expansion

Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sharp, and Toshiba TVs to be recycled free of charge.

Blue Plains to Upgrade Nutrient Removal

Black & Veatch is providing design work that should enhance Chesapeake Bay water quality, save energy.

Colorado, Florida Students Win WEF Design Contest

Teams designed a secondary treatment upgrade entry and a constructed environs entry using green infrastructure and low impact design methods.

New York's Extended Bottle Bill to Begin Nov. 8

State officials are giving retailers more time to comply with water bottle requirements.

SWANA Offers Waste Screening Course in Spanish

The manual tells how to identify and prevent hazardous wastes and other objectionable materials from entering municipal solid waste facilities.

U.S. Needs an Energy Council to Analyze Issues

The focus should be on outcomes and values not specific technical solutions, the report says.