Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


  • OSH Pros' Feedback Sought on Corporate Sustainability Standard

    "The GRI 403 standard provides a lever for change in corporate reporting practices on OHS globally," said Kathy A. Seabrook, chair of the CSHS Board of Directors. "Safety and health professionals need to step up, participate, and influence the final standard through this public consultation period. It's a significant development in our profession."

  • Ohio Waste Services Firm Celebrates 10th Anniversary

    The company provides waste management and environmental services to its clients, focusing on recycling and sustainability.

  • Plastipak Wins Packaging Innovation Award

    The company uses Direct Object Printing, a patented technology for packaging decoration. It uses specially developed inks that are fully compatible with closed-loop recycling and cured using low-energy LED lights, with images directly ink-jet printed on to plastic bottles and containers.

  • Which is Better, Extracting Metal or Recycling Scrap Metal?

    Almost every metal is recyclable, yet the scrap metal doesn

    Recycling metal or salvaging scrap metal and selling to the recyclers can be a great income source. Recycling is less expensive than extracting metal, needs less energy, and helps in saving fuel.

  • New Adidas Ocean Plastic Running Shoes Coming in May

    Its 2016 Sustainability Progress Report says the company is on track to source 100 percent sustainable cotton by the end of 2018, to eliminate the use of about 70 million plastic shopping bags as a result of the global switch from plastic bags to paper bags in retail stores, and to achieve 23 percent water savings per employee on adidas sites.

  • Johnson Controls Buys 5 Percent Stake in Battery Recycling Company

    "Our partnership with Johnson Controls is a tremendous step forward and is an opportunity for us to work with the global leader in automotive battery manufacturing and responsible recycling," said Dr. Stephen Clarke, chairman and CEO of Aqua Metals. "We will build on this exciting relationship in order to enable clean and efficient battery recycling around the world."