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  • Federal Highway Administration Invites States to Designate 'Zero-Emission' and 'Alternative Fuel' Corridors

    The initiative will help drivers find alternative fuels and contribute to smart city development.

  • North America's Leaders Announce Clean Power Generation Goal

    The time is right to begin looking beyond the tailpipe and instead consider the full life cycle emissions of vehicles.

    They also committed to accelerated deployment of clean vehicles in government fleets; working with industry to encourage the adoption of clean vehicles; and encouraging public and private infrastructure investments to establish ‎North American refueling corridors for clean vehicles.

  • Columbus Wins Smart City Challenge

    Vehicle-to-vehicle communication promises to prevent thousands of collisions and injuries annually, DOT and NHTSA believe. (Image downloaded from NHTSA August 2014 report)

    Columbus plans to deploy three electric self-driving shuttles to link a new bus rapid transit center to a retail district and use data analytics to improve health care access in a neighborhood where the infant mortality rate quadruples the national average.

  • SuperTruck II Goals Announced

    This demonstration SuperTruck vehicle topped 10 mpg and was displayed at the U.S. Department of Energy

    DoE said SuperTruck II projects will research, develop, and demonstrate technologies to improve heavy-truck freight efficiency by more than 100 percent when compared with a manufacturer's best-in-class 2009 truck, with an emphasis on technology cost-effectiveness and performance.

  • China Embracing EVs

    Chinese electric vehicle sales during 2015 more than tripled year to 331,100, according to the Xinhua News Agency report, which cites data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

  • DOE Ups Investment in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

    These technologies will decrease carbon emissions and support DOE's EV Everywhere Grand Challenge to make plug-in electric vehicles as affordable to own and operate as gasoline-powered vehicles by 2022.

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