Environmental Protection

  • Large designs are available to cover as much as 280,000 square feet with a single machine. (Dust Control Technology photo) Southwest Business Juggling Act: Droughts, Dust, and Water Regulations

    Controlling dust while eliminating the use of high-pressure hydrants and reducing the amount of visible runoff can help reduce the number of complaints to local and state environmental authorities. Methods that both conserve water and suppress dust carry multiple benefits beyond compliance.

  • More than 100,000 gallons of oil spilled from Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. Pipeline Company Indicted in 2015 California Spill

    Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. reported the indictment included a total of 46 counts, 10 of which relate to the release of crude oil or reporting of the spill and 36 of which relate to wildlife that died because of it.

  • Many people are looking for ways to improve the efficiency and appeal of their homes and businesses. Window film can be the perfect long-term and cost-effective solution for improvement. (International Window Film Association photo) Green Building: Why Waste a Window?

    Window film reduces energy consumption by reducing solar heat gain. It can reduce the homeowner's carbon footprint. And it can allow you to enjoy natural light without the negative impact of UV exposure.

  • Anguil Aqua Systems, LLC provides turnkey water treatment systems and support for industrial facilities and remediation applications. (Anguil Aqua Systems, LLC photo) Anguil Environmental Launches Water Treatment Division

    Anguil Aqua Systems, LLC provides turnkey water treatment systems and, working with its parent company, can supply integrated air and water treatment solutions.

  • Building managers are encouraged to select what are called "high-performance" mats. (Crown Matting Technologies photo) Mats and Sustainability: The Connection Is Closer Than You May Think

    If entry mats help keep hard-surface floors and carpets cleaner, longer, then it can be assumed that not only are fewer cleaning solutions needed, but there is also less need for heavier cleaning equipment such as floor machines and carpet extractors.

  • General Motors is turning its employees GM Turns Recycled Water Bottles Into Engine Insulation

    "Recycling is good, but viewing waste as a valuable resource that can be plugged into your operations or products is even better," said John Bradburn, GM's global manager of waste reduction. "It's about rethinking the process and finding more sustainable ways to manufacture products and contribute to our communities."

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  • Allegro Industries’ portable dewatering and sludge pumps are great for use in confined spaces. Dewatering Pumps

    Allegro Industries’ portable dewatering and sludge pumps are great for use in confined spaces. read more

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