Environmental Protection


Illinois Professor Creating a Toxics Sensor for Chemists

Kenneth S. Suslick and colleagues have developed an optoelectronic nose for the detection of toxic industrial chemicals.

Global Green Cars to Build Electric Vehicles in Kentucky

Company plans to scale up to mass production in 2011.

Brassinosteroids Help Lower Pesticide Residues, Study Says

Scientists in China treated cucumber plants with a plant hormone and various pesticides and found lower levels of residues in the plants.

Charity: Water Donates $128,000 for Malwai Projects

Water For People will use funding to help 12 communities in the rural district of Chikwawa gain access to water, sanitation, and health and hygiene education.

CO Standard May Not Protect Health of Heart Patients

EPA-NIEHS study found that an increase of 1 ppm carbon monoxide in the maximum daily one-hour exposure is linked to a 0.96 percent increase in the risk of hospitalization from cardiovascular disease for people 65 years and older.

Weed Science: Invasive Plants Impede Flood Control

The Weed Science Society of America recommends a proactive, integrated approach for managing invasive plants and weeds problem and keeping any overgrowth from jamming stormwater pumps and blocking water flow.

Chinese, Defective Drywall Meeting to Deliver Protocols

The conference will issue protocols and proposed national warranties for homes remediated under these protocols.

Reader's Commentary

The alarmist comments presented in the following article from your newsletter are very irresponsible given recent information that has come to light regarding the fact that global cooling has actually taken place over the past ten years.

EPA Expects to Revise Power Plant Discharge Rules

Current water discharge regulations, which were issued in 1982, have not kept pace with changes in the electric power industry, EPA says.

Prototype NIST Method Detects Measures Elusive Toxins

Tom Bruno enhanced headspace analysis to improve the efficiency of sample collection, making the technique capable of detecting low concentrations of polar, low-volatility compounds.

Israel's Palmachim Desalination Plant Adds PX Devices

Energy Recovery Inc. helps plant expand capacity by reducing energy used during desalination.

Internet Phone Book Co. Encourages Ban on Printed Books

Georgia, Ohio, Florida and Missouri are considering opt-in programs, which eliminate the automatic delivery of white pages phone books.

CDR, SRM Are Risky Plan Bs to Manage Warming, Report Says

If efforts to lower greenhouse gases are not successful, governments may turn to geoengineering techniques, which have not been studied or found to be effective at an affordable cost.

WaterAid Australia Launches the Walk4Water

The Walk4Water initiative seeks to encourage people to experience the 10,000 steps required to fetch water every day.

Teck Alaska Pays $120,000 for Alleged NPDES Violations

According to EPA, the mine owner/operator failed to collect representative samples of effluent and exceeded its NPDES permit limits.

Space Station Is Testing Utah Water Quality Method

University of Utah chemists have developed a method to detect if drinking water aboard the International Space Station is adequately disinfected.

Agencies Close Part of Emory River for Ash Cleanup

EPA and TVA are still removing ash from the Emory River and have closed sections to ensure safety at the site.

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