Environmental Protection


Emissions Rules Tighten for Medical Waste Incinerators

EPA recalculated the maximum achievable control technology floors for existing and new hospital, medical, and infectious waste incinerators.

Jeffersonville, Ind., to Upgrade Sewer in CWA Settlement

The city has agreed to reduce and eliminate overflows into the Ohio River from its combined sewers.

Californians Have Paid Billions for Water Conservation

Conserving California tracks where bond money has been spent.

Delaware Study Pinpoints Contaminant Transport

X-ray absorption spectroscopy helps researchers quantify the rate of reaction between contaminants and soil and water.

Arctic-nesting Geese Elect to Winter in Alaska

U.S. Geological Survey study notes abundance of eelgrass keeping the Pacific brant from migrating to Mexico.

Consumers May Want to Consider POU Filters, WQA Says

Association certifies products that remove various contaminants from drinking water, which has made the news recently.

Stimulus Helps Fund Cresson Sewer Project to Stop Overflows

Low-income area gets $2.29-million boost to replace sewer lines and reduce stormwater entering the system.

Homeowners Should Inspect Heating Oil Tanks for Leaks

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection offers advice on how to manage home-based storage tanks.

Better Use of Current Assets Is Greener, Consultant Says

Rider Levett Bucknall is offering free training on new environmental initiatives to government entities.

Is There Enough Water for the Trees?

Hawaii timber plantations actually use more water than native forests, which may place ecosystems and people at high risk for water shortages.

Cornell Scientists Make Solar Cell from Carbon Nanotube

Researchers claim the light-to-electricity conversion is very efficient but scaling up the device would be challenging.

The Climate Registry Upgrading Emissions Reporting in 2010

The next generation online emissions reporting technology will be developed with Misys Open Source Solutions.

Population Shift Reduced Energy Demand, Study Says

A University of Michigan study found an 11 percent reduction in energy demand per person since 1960.

Showerheads Harbor Biofilm, Bacteria, Colorado Study Shows

Professor Norman Pace sampled showerheads in seven states to find Mycobacterium avium.

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