MSU Study to Classify Water Use by Woody Ornamentals

Container nursery operations must follow laws in five states to limit water consumption but there is little data on woody ornamentals and efficient irrigation techniques.

Energy Recovery, Inc. Unveils Quadribaric Technology

Company says technology doubles the workload of PX Pressure Exchangers in seawater desalination applications.

Algae Production Assessment Seeks to Lower Costs

Kansas State engineers are considering algae production in the ocean on very large, supporting platforms.


Sandia Labs Covers Mixed Waste Landfill

The New Mexico Environment Department in 2005 selected an evapotranspirative cover with a biointrusion rock barrier as the remedy for the low-level radioactive waste landfill, which was constructed this fall.

NSF Grant to Help MSU Researchers Develop Robotic Fish

Engineer and ecologist still must incorporate buoyancy into 9-inch prototype.

USC Estimates Risk for Childhood Asthma Due to Heavy Traffic

The study says 9 percent of childhood asthma cases in Long Beach and 6 percent in Riverside were attributable to traffic proximity.

EPA Study Finds Contaminated Fish in Almost all States

The agency's four-year study found mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls in fish collected from the sample of 500 lakes and reservoirs.

Rainwater Drinkers Had No Measurable Increase in Illness

Australian study provides filters and sham filters to 300 households whose members tracked their illnesses over 12 months.

Abbott Reports 1 B-Gallon Water Savings Annually

Company adopted new manufacturing practices and technologies to help achieve its goal of a 40 percent reduction in water use by 2011.

Inventory: 700 New Desalination Plants Commissioned in 2008

The International Desalination Association and Global Water Intelligence say that the greatest increase in the use of the technology is from seawater desalination.


Rice University 'Discovers' Zeolite-like Materials

Professor Michael Deem's team calculates that there are 2.7 million possible structures.

Kinnickinnic River Cleanup Removes PCBs, PAHs Ahead of Schedule

EPA, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee work set the course for a more navigable river and a revitalized riverfront.

EPA Posts CAA, RCRA Compliance Data; Public Can Compare

The data cover information from 2004 through 2008 on EPA and state enforcement program performance for the Clean Air Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requirements.

Long Beach Water Department Launches 90H2O

Web presence, completed by Astralcom, incorporates visitor-centric calls-to-action, promotes conservation, and builds community around department 'brand'.

Mount Sinai Leads Team to Uncover Asbestos Pathology Cleanup in Libby

"The asbestos-related disease in Libby is far more aggressive and rapidly progressive than what's seen in most asbestos-exposed workers," said Dr. Levin.