Environmental Protection


Chinese Drywall Damage Claims Grow in Mississippi

Lawyers refer claims to a consolidated suit in federal court.

5 New York Projects Share $3.5 M in ARRA Funds

New York Gov. David A. Paterson announced $3.5 million for innovative water quality projects in the North Country through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Companies Turn Wastewater Cellulose into Ethanol

Applied Cleantech and Qteros have developed Q Microbe technology, which transforms municipal wastewater solids material into automobile fuel.

Research Team to Study How Plants Make Hydrocarbon

An Iowa State led study team will try to uncover what structures, mechanisms and genetics are involved in the process plants use to store carbon and energy.

AQMD Presents Award to ACTI for Pollution Control System

The system can help ports reduce up to 99 percent of air pollutants emitted by ships.

Free Webcast Addresses Climate Change

The Watershed Academy provides the latest information about what EPA is doing and how an estuary program is preparing for climate change

DNA Method Identifies Unknown Viruses in Reclaimed Water

University of South Florida doctoral student discovers what viruses remain in reclaimed water after treatment.

New Climate Bill Has Water Efficiency Provisions

The Boxer-Kerry "Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act" would authorize EPA's WaterSense program, among other things.

Guam Must Upgrade to Secondary Treatment

Discharges from the Agana and Northern District wastewater treatment plants exceeded Territorial water quality standards for bacteria.

Experts Set Debate on Carbon Trading for U.S. Business

Will Congress get in step with Europe and pass a cap-and-trade law to stem greenhouse gases?

EPA Region 4 Sampling Air at Southeastern Schools

The agency is sampling the air outside 63 schools in 22 states to evaluate whether long-term exposure to toxics in the outdoor air might pose health concerns to children.

OriginOil Files App for Algae Use in Wastewater Facilities

Company files patent for surface-mounted algae system to help treat wastewater and produce algae for fuel

Bridgeport Businesses to Recycle Mercury Thermostats

Product Stewardship Institute is running the project to help the city make headway on its B Green 2020 initiative.

Dollars & Sense

The Water Environment Federation anticipated the possible fallout from the national recession at this year's WEFTEC.09, which will be held Oct. 10-14 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., and took action. The association retained its 2008 registration rates and has offered utilities discount pricing packages.

Southern California Air Projects Get $26.5 M from Stimulus

The funds will be used to replace, repower and update diesel engines in school buses, trucks, locomotives, construction and cargo vehicles.

Groups Survey State Rules on Geothermal Heating

A greater demand for geothermal heating and cooling brings a greater potential for groundwater contamination, according to the National Ground Water Association.

NOAA-led Project to Improve Toxic Algal Bloom Predictions

A major goal is to develop new approaches to detect, monitor, predict, control, and mitigate harmful algae and their impacts in Texas coastal waters.

NRG Energy Grows Grasses for Big Cajun II Plant

Company will test whether the grasses could replace a portion of the coal used at the plant.

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