Environmental Protection


R&R Sy-Tec Becomes TerraSpatial Technologies

Oregon-based company will continue to focus on community-based utilities under its new identity.

Judge Strikes Down Challenge to Carlsbad Desal Project

Encina Power Station shuts down and desalination project specifications changed, Coastkeeper attorneys said.

Ohio Edison Consents to Using Biomass, Not Coal

The Justice Department and EPA have brokered a deal that will cut sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions from Edison's Burger Units 4 and 5 near Shadyside, Ohio.

OriginOil Extracts Algae Oil with Milking Process

The company's algae "milking" process promises new efficiencies as part of a combined production cycle, according to OriginOil.

Union Pacific to Restore Streams, Wetlands and Pay Penalty

Failure to get appropriate Clean Water Act permits for altering streams will cost Union Pacific Railroad about $31 million in restoration projects and $800,000 in penalties.

Replenishment District Conducts Groundwater 101 Forums

Los Angeles County taps into Water Independence Now program through the Water Replenishment District of Southern California.

DNV: GreenCert Complies with EU Rules when Customized

Det Norske Veritas' review shows that a properly customized GreenCert carbon information management solution will help coal-fired power plants meet EU trading system requirements.

Dow's Product Safety Assessments Offer Safety Information

Dow Chemical Company demonstrates its commitment to product safety and public transparency with Web-based PSAs.

NSF Validates BASF Ecoefficiency Analysis Method

NSF Internal develops a new eco-efficiency protocol for validating and verifying these analysis methods, which should help eliminate greenwashing.

Pennsylvania Finds Elevated TDS in Monongahela

DEP suggests residents use bottled water for drinking and preparing food until TDS levels return to normal.

The Case For Planetary Protectionism

Global compliance may become an issue of supply and demand.

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