Environmental Protection


Henry Hudson 400 Announces Student Winners

Delft, Rutgers and Columbia university students took the top places in the New Generation Competition, which will be celebrated Sept. 9 and 10 at H209 in Jersey City, N.J.

ORNL Scientists Hone Use of Microalgae to Safeguard Supply

Using the right strategies, microalgae can be used as broad spectrum automated biosense systems for monitoring source drinking water, the study shows.

Cathodic Protection

Operations managers in the water and wastewater industry are looking for ways to be more efficient. Wireless remote monitoring can provide one option for corrosion control using existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks and automation.

Europe's REACH May Require Even More Animals, Funds

Johns Hopkins School suggests the European Union may want to consider revising its test approaches to cut costs.

UCLA Extension Offers Sustainability Certificate

The program offers four areas of concentration: Design, Business Strategy, Energy & Technology, and Environmental Law & Policy.

NIST Issues 3 New Soil Reference Materials for Labs

These standard reference materials are useful for soil analyses performed by various commercial, government, and university laboratories.

EPA Recognizes Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Corp. for Excellence

Utilities received EPA Clean Water, Drinking Water awards at separate ceremonies.

Rain Bird Names Finalists for Intelligent Water Use Award

Finalists had to demonstrate water savings, landscape preservation, innovation, and overall impact on the community.

USGBC Collects LEED Data to Measure Prediction Gaps

New initiative for analysis methodology development will be shared with LEED building owners and project teams.

Organic Framework May Offer Safer, Denser Acetylene Storage

NIST scientists have probed a metal-organic framework that soaks up acetylene like a sponge. The finding may be useful to the chemical industry in the future.

Task Force to Review Post-Katrina Restoration

Work on restoring Louisiana's coastline has yet to be completed four years after Hurricane Katrina caused billions of dollars in damage.

Jackson Orders Review of Water Enforcement Program

The agency invites to the public to offer ideas to help EPA's water enforcement program meet its goals.

Indiana Researchers Create Easy-to-Clean Polymer

The coatings eliminate the need for harsh detergents and solvents that may contain phosphates and be discharged into lakes and streams, according to a presentation at the American Chemical Society's meeting this week.

CSOs Plague Puget Sound; Seattle, King County Get their Orders

The city and the county have already added some water storage capacity but must do more to better manage their wastewater overflow issues.

San Antonio, LCRA Dispute Results in Lawsuit

The San Antonio Water System says the Lower Colorado River Authority's board of directors made policy assumptions that rendered the agencies' water supply project unworkable.

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