Virginia Tech to Develop DOE Smart Grid Portal

Among other things, the portal will serve as a decision support tool for rule-making and evaluating the impact of investments in the smart grid technologies and software.

D.C. Gets $38.9 M in Stimulus for Water Projects

The funds will be used for sustainable clean water projects as well as an improved drinking water distribution system and stormwater runoff controls.

TVA Kingston Site Work Plan Released for Comment

The Tennessee Valley Authority has proposed restoration alternatives for aspects of the site cleanup that don't have to be addressed immediately.

East Shoshone County to Install Filtration, Clean Mine Adit

Idaho Water District will make changes to meet Safe Drinking Water standards and pay a $5,000 penalty.

Beckley's New Wastewater Main Should Halt Discharges

EPA grant will help fund the replacement of 7,000 feet of wastewater main for the West Virginia city.

UN Program Validates TIST Initiative

The goal is to address environmental change and poverty by providing men and women in developing countries with new sources of income from their trees, by connecting them to the global carbon market.

NOAA: September Was Second Warmest Month on Record

Warmer-than-average temperatures engulfed most of the world's land areas during the month, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

EPA Fines Hunt Oil, Chaparral Energy for CWA Issues

Region 6 office fines Hunt Oil $7,150 for SPCC violations and Chaparral Energy $10,900 for an oil spill.

Companies add Advanced Buildings to Commercial Efficiency Program Offerings

The Energy Trust of Oregon and Efficiency New Brunswick have added Advanced Buildings, a suite of tools and resources on best practices in energy-efficient, high performance building design.

Lack of Riparian Cover May Affect Stream Temperature

A Georgia Southern University study analyzed stream water temperatures at six different golf courses in South Carolina.

5 of 10 Threatened Rivers See Action, Group Says

American Rivers updates the status of its list of the most endangered rivers in the United States.

Blood Lead Levels Linked to Lower Test Scores in Children

Exposure to lead in early childhood significantly contributes to lower performances on end-of-grade (EOG) reading tests among minority and low-income children, according to researchers at Duke University and North Carolina Central University.

Cap and Trade Partnership Lowers Smog Levels in Eastern U.S.

EPA report shows that a cap and trade partnership established in 2003 has reduced smog-forming emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Alcoa Uses Natural Systems for Water Management

Rajat Ghosh presents sustainable water technologies at China America National Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.

Jury Finds Exxon Mobil Responsible for Contamination

Jury says Exxon Mobil should pay more than $104 million for MTBE in New York City's groundwater.

Clean Energy to Build, Maintain New CNG Fueling Station at Ontario International Airport

Airport-adjacent public access station will provide 24/7 support to new fleets of compressed natural gas-powered courtesy shuttle buses and taxis.

NAWC Presents Award to Arizona American Water

The American Water subsidiary lowered its water reclamation facility's water consumption.

Grass-lined channel

Structural vs. Natural Runoff Solutions

The absence of a nationwide stormwater management standard, coupled with the different rainfall patterns, pollutants of concern, environmental resources and economic drivers from state to state, has resulted in a wide disparity among stormwater management programs.

Agencies Release Fuel Economy Guide

Buying fuel-efficient cars helps reduce carbon pollution, Chu says.