Environmental Protection


Farmington, Mo., Orders Heliscreen for CSO Mitigation

Hydro International says East Treatment Plant will be the first facility in the United States to install the system, which is commonly used in the United Kingdom.

Trees Power Sensors in University of Washington Study

Tapping Bigleaf maples, which generate a steady voltage of up to a few hundred millivolts, University of Washington researchers developed a boost converter and used the stored power to operate low-power sensors.

79 Surface Coal Mining Projects Deserve Review, EPA Says

EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will discuss these permits, which may pose environmental concerns for water quality and affected ecosystems.

AWWA Continues its Webcast Run

Over the next few weeks, the American Water Works Association is hosting Webcasts on membranes and distribution systems.

EPA's Chesapeake Plan Requires More Runoff Control

In May, President Obama established a committee of federal agencies to develop a plan for restoring and protecting Chesapeake Bay and they now have proposed strategies to accelerate cleanup.

79 Surface Coal Mining Projects Deserve Review, EPA Says

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says an initial review shows that 79 projects in Appalachian states would likely cause water quality impacts.

Report: Business Needs Compelling Reason to 'Green Up'

George Mason University professor suggests strong leadership, a product label policy and tools to implement sustainability practices would be helpful.

Algae Can be a Good Thing for Municipal Wastewater

Professor says halophytic micro-algae can be grown on municipal wastewater and may serve as a biofuel feedstock.

Smart Growth Targets Waterfront Communities, Climate Change

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies have released a smart growth guide that will help coastal and waterfront communities tackle threats from sea level rise, stronger hurricanes, flooding and other challenges.

Agency Fines Onshore Oil Company for SPCC Issues

George W. Stokes Company ordered to pay $1,800 for violating the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure regulations of the Clean Water Act.

USGS to Track Sinks Near California Aqueduct

The state will provide $202,000 to fund the research, while the federal government will provide $53,000.

Company Offers Free Counseling, Funding for Unemployed

Everblue has established counseling services to help unemployed workers pay for and pass their LEED Green Associate Exam and will assist them in exploring job options.

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