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Surfrider Foundation Argues for Public Access in Brief

The case, between beach front property owners and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, is expected to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in December.

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31 Areas Do Not Meet PM 2.5 Standards

These communities must develop plans for reducing pollution by 2012 and demonstrate that they are meeting standards by fall of 2014.

InLine Processer Makes Salty Water Usable for Irrigation

A potato farmer from Florida uses the Inline Processor and claims it increased his yield 45 percent over two fields.

Pilot Uses GIS, Software to Plan Efficient Routes

San Francisco GreenRoutes project to reduce fleet emissions using ArcLogistics and GIS solution.

Red Cliff, Colo., Meets Stiff Stimulus Requirements

Baseline Engineering designed the $3.2 M Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge wastewater treatment facility for the town.

NYC Pilots Zumbox Paperless Postal System

The program is expected to cut paper waste, printing and mailing costs.

Accountants Urge Investment in Environmental Matters

Position paper recommends that stakeholders in Copenhagen review the incentives provided by small and medium enterprise corporate taxation systems.

Mass. Group Honors Lynn Treatment Facility

The Massachusetts Water Pollution Control Association recognized the facility for its consistent removal of TSS, BOD, and fecal coliform. The plant is operated by Veolia Water.

Board Adopts Protocols for Organic Waste, Coal Mine Methane

These types of projects will now be eligible to register with the Climate Action Reserve, providing more financial incentives to help mitigate climate change.

EPA Distributes Grants to Missouri, Kansas

Joplin, Mo., gets $477,000 for new sewer and Kansas County gets $1,146,000 for drinking water distribution expansion.

EPA Will Re-evaluate Atrazine Risks

The agency will consider the potential for atrazine cancer and non-cancer effects as well as data generated since 2003 from laboratory and population studies.

Peru Plant to Use SBR in Wastewater Reuse Project

ITT modified the process with an Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration System.

Energy Star Available for Glass, Food Processing Plants

Energy Performance Indicators will help companies assess their performance, set goals, and shift the energy performance of these industries, saving nearly $900 million in energy costs with just a 10 percent improvement over current levels.

Alarm Failure Results in Diesel Spill into Souhegan River

New Hampshire, Massachusetts companies face fine for spill and failing to implement SPCC plan.

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