Report Notes States Still Paying for Bottled Water

Corporate Accountability International calls such spending wasteful and urges support of public water.

Polembros Shipping to Pay $2.7 M for Pollution, Safety Issues

The investigation into the M/V Theotokos led to the first criminal prosecutions under the Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act.

UC-San Diego Scientists Envision Air Quality Sensors on the Go

Computer scientists, with a $1.5 million grant, hope to develop a network of sensors that detect air pollution hot spots indoors and out.

Tax on Carbon Emissions Could Fuel Cleaner Tech, MIT Researcher Says

Thomas Adams and Paul I. Barton have already applied for a patent on a novel configuration of natural gas, solid oxide fuel cells, and carbon capture and sequestration that would compete well in the power sector if the government placed a tax on carbon emissions.

Prichard Water and Sewer Partners with Severn Trent Services

Water and wastewater facilities, collection and distribution systems and public works functions are now under a centralized operation.

Elevated CO2 Boosts Aspen Growth Rates by 50%, Study Says

University scientists in Wisconsin and Minnesota say aspens are already growing at accelerated rates in their natural environment.

USGS Finds 5 Chemicals at High Levels in Untreated Groundwater

The U.S. Geological Survey tested wells for chemicals that do not have human health benchmarks or toxicity information.

California Water Agency to Allocate 5% to Contractors in 2010

Allocation could increase if supply conditions improve, according to the Department of Water Resources.

House Bill Directs DOE to Use Water Wisely in Research

The Energy and Water Integration Act passed the House on Dec. 1 and now is being considered by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Guidance to Help Feds Better Manage Stormwater

The federal government hopes its activities to minimize stormwater runoff will encourage private facilities to do the same.

California Sets Adaptation Strategy, Creating Panel, App

California's Climate Adaptation Strategy includes a final report, an advisory panel, and a Google Earth application to help business owners and residents prepare for climate change impacts and challenges.

Group Sues EPA for Omitting Polar Bear from Pesticide Impact Review

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, pesticides have been linked to immune and endocrine problems as well as cub mortality in polar bears.

EPA Analysis Shows Reduction in 2008 Toxic Chemical Releases

The TRI database contains information on chemical releases into the air, land and water, as well as waste management and pollution prevention activities.

African Forest People Should Get 50% of REDD Payments

University of Leeds scientists suggest that Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation carbon credit payments should be shared with people who live in the forests.

Lead Affects Brain Areas Differently, Study Shows

Cincinnati Lead Study uses functional magnetic resonance imaging to test how adults exposed to lead as children behave when asked to perform two tasks.

EPA Grant Helps Great Bend, Kan., with Sewer Rehab

EPA Region 7 will help the city upgrade its sanitary sewer pipes and manholes with a $291,000 grant.

EPA: Wastewater Collection Systems Must Protect San Francisco Bay

Agency orders Oakland, Emeryville, Piedmont, Berkeley, Alameda, Albany and Stege Sanitary District to assess inadequately treated sewage discharges.

Climate Change May Affect Mental Health, Doctors Say

King's College London doctors have researched the literature and found that climate change could negatively affect people with mental illness and increase the burden of mental disorder generally.