EWG Blames EPA, Congress for Polluted Reservoirs

Environmental Working Group report analyzes 20 million tap water quality tests done by water utilities over the last five years and found 316 contaminants.

Climate Panel Seeks Creation of Methane Fund

Group says methane emission reduction could be accomplished quickly because this type of warming lasts only 10 years.

EPA Sets Final Rules on Uses of HCFCs

Specific hydrochlorofluorocarbons cannot be used in new air conditioning and refrigeration equipment nor can they be sold, distributed or imported in 2010.

Western Lawmakers Oppose Clean Water Restoration Act

Letter to congressional leaders points out that Senate bill 787 would give EPA and Army Corps of Engineers the power to regulate all inland waters.

Virginia Adopts Stormwater Rules for Construction

Enhanced regulations call for not more than 0.45 pounds of phosphorus per acre per year to run off newly developed properties.

SO2 Emissions from Power Plants Continue to Decrease

Acid rain cap-and-trade program helps plants beat 2010 sulfur dioxide emissions targets early. 

Ocean Temperature Finding May Improve Projections, USGS Says

U.S. Geological Survey scientists create a 3-D ocean reconstruction and discover new information on surface warming effects and circulation during the Pliocene period.

Irvine, Calif., Schools Partner with Companies for Solar Project

SPG Solar will install solar energy systems on 21 of the Irvine United School District's buildings.

New York Rejects Plan to Put Dredged Material at New London

State says Navy can dispose of material at Central Long Island Sound Disposal Site until it develops a dredged material management plan.

WSSC, Dignitaries Kick Off Sewer Rehab Project

The stimulus-funded project will rehabilitate 22,000 linear feet of sewer mains and laterals in portions of Bladensburg, Hyattsville, Brentwood, Cheverly, Colmar Manor, Landover Hills and Mount Rainer, Maryland.

Aussies Foot Bill for Accelerating Carbon Capture and Storage

The Global CCS Institute will support large-scale projects that have a great need and promise the greatest return, according to the group.

NYC OKs Requirements for Backflow Prevention Devices

Mayor Bloomberg signs legislation that will prevent contaminants from buildings from getting into the public water system.

Washington to Streamline Natural Resources Program Delivery

Gov. Chris Gregoire is seeking legislation to lower the number of hearings and appeals boards, eliminate duplications, and standardize procedures for laws.

Lautenberg Bill Requires Bottled Water to Display Source, Quality

According to Sen. Lautenberg, almost 40 percent of bottled water comes from municipal water sources.

Bolivia Holds U.S. to 'Polluter Pays' Principle at Copenhagen

Bolivia ambassador, Pablo Solon: "Admitting responsibility for the climate crisis without taking necessary actions to address it is like someone burning your house and then refusing to pay for it."

Feds Get $1.79 B from ASARCO to Clean Up Mining Sites

Federal agencies win largest bankruptcy settlement in U.S. history and plan to use funds to clean and restore sites contaminated by ASARCO mining operations in 19 states.