Report: Bhopal Groundwater Contaminated by UCIL Plant

The Bhopal Medical Appeal has compiled data from groundwater aquifer testing and found carbon tetrachloride, as well as other toxic chemicals, at levels that exceed WHO guidelines.

4 Communities Win Smart Growth Awards

EPA chooses Lancaster County Planning Commission as overall excellence winner for its countywide comprehensive growth management plan.

Emergency Wildlife Rescue Network Seeks Members

EMPOWER is broadening its network of rescuers to help wildlife victimized by marine pollution emergencies.

Acumen Funds Pilot Projects for Water Transport and Storage

Pilots will enable organizations in Kenya to test new ideas for delivery and storage of safe water for consumers who lack access.

Bleached Coral

Warmer Temperature Makes Bacteria a Coral Killer, Study Says

The scientists find that Vibrio coralliilyticus produces betaine, glutamate, and succinate are involved in the transformation.

Truckers Eligible for Fuel-efficient Equipment Rebates

Cascade Sierra Solutions says truck owners in New England states can get between $100 and $1,000 for fuel-saving equipment.

EPA Notes Achievements in GHG Reduction, Pest Management

The agency singled out eight Climate Leader companies and five members of the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program for meeting goals and general excellence.

EPA Issues Caveat Emptor on H1N1 Disinfectants

There are no products registered by EPA for use in residential settings that will disinfect or sterilize the air or a room by fogging. Claims for disinfecting carpeting, drapes, and other porous surfaces are also false, the agency says.

Australia's Queensland Ups Ante for Home Sustainability

Before marketing a home for sale, homeowners and real estate agents must prepare a sustainability declaration.

USGS: Soil Sends Mercury to Shenandoah Valley Rivers

Contaminated riverbank and floodplain soils are the major source of mercury in fish from several Shenandoah Valley rivers.

Aqua Pennsylvania Taps Team for Solar Treatment, Transport

Conergy and Sanyo will design, engineer and install a 1.1-MW solar solution, called Ingram's Mill Farm, for water in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Navy Returned to Drawing Board for Jackson Park Cleanup

EPA assessed a penalty for the U.S. Navy's failure to consider the full range of cleanup options for discarded military munitions within the Jackson Park Housing Complex Superfund Site in Washington.

Region 7 Gives Grants for Pollution Prevention

Four universities and two state agencies in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas have received funding for pollution prevention programs.