DOE to Pay $9 M for Water Power Technology Contract

Sandia National Laboratories and other labs will provide research and testing for marine and hydrokinetic energy and hydropower.

Two Manufacturers, Importer to Phase out DecaBDE in 2012

EPA notes that this flame retardant has been found to persist in the environment.

Michigan Seeks Comments on Environmental Justice Plan

The state's Department of Environmental Quality collaborated with representatives from many organizations over two years to develop a policy for Michigan.

California Dairy Gives County a Gas Detection System, Settling Case

As part of a settlement, an alleged violator may voluntarily agree to undertake an environmentally beneficial project related to the violation in exchange for mitigation of the penalty to be paid. This company chose to donate a RAE Systems gas monitoring system and 42 radiation pagers.

Coalition: NRC Missed Mark on Battery Costs for Electric Cars

Electrification Coalition admits report correctly illustrates the need for government action to move U.S. transportation from oil dependency.

1% of NYC Buildings Create 87% of Heating Oil Soot, EDF Says

Environmental Defense Fund proposes that building owners convert to cleaner heating oils or natural gas by 2020.

DOE Sets Efficient Appliance Paperwork Deadline at Jan. 8

Certification reports and compliance statements help the Department of Energy verify compliance with its energy efficiency standards.

Direct Energy's Solution to U.S.'s Energy Waste Problem

Holiday lights don't have to raise the power bill if they are energy efficient.

Truckee Meadows Stands by Its Tap Water Quality Despite EWG Report

Environmental Working Group report ranked TMWA and SNWA very low on its recently publicized list of quality drinking water.

EPA Offers $2 M, Seeks Applications for Community Grants

Two levels of grants awards are available to help establish community-based partnerships and implement risk-reduction activities.

Carrying Capacity India

Carrying Capacity

At the moment, we need 1.3 Earths to effectively sustain our collective way of life but ─ we can change this if we want to.

William Ford Jr. and Gary Lock

10 Tasks to Help Business Government Restore Economy

The National Summit has created consensus recommendations for increasing U.S. competitiveness in technology, energy, environment, and manufacturing.

WSSC Enlists Technology to Prevent another River Road Main Break

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission staff and contractors detail inspection program, use of state-of-the-art technologies to inspect large mains, help prevent future breaks.

$13 M in Great Lakes' Funds to Control Asian Carp Migration

The majority of funding will be used to close conduits and shore up low-lying lands between the Chicago Sanitary Ship Canal and adjacent waterways.

EPA Baseline Study Finds 56% of Lakes in Good Condition

The National Lakes Assessment sampled 1,028 lakes and concluded that 44 percent are in fair or poor condition.

Methane Power Opens N.C. Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plant

GE's landfill gas engines generate renewable electricity for Duke Energy's grid.

Technician testing a central air conditioning unit

How Will EPA's HCFC Phaseout Affect the AC-Refrigeration Industry?

EPA rule co-author answers some questions AC and refrigeration companies may have before the impending effective date ─ Jan. 1.

Meltwater Role More Complicated in Glacier Ice Loss, Researchers Say

Scientists studying glaciers discussed their research at the American Geophysical Union Meeting on Dec. 16.

Ontario, Canada, to Help Developing Countries Fight Climate Change

A United Nations Development Programme links developed nations to developing ones with the promise of sharing expertise and funding.