EPA, Port of Stockton Agree on Stormwater Management

The Port of Stockton has agreed to improve its toxicity testing and oversee tenants and construction as well as stormwater facilities to prevent stormwater pollution from reaching the San Joaquin River.

East Resources to Fund Monitoring Network in Susquehanna River Basin

Natural gas developer will provide $750,000 to monitor water quality conditions through areas of the watershed where Marcellus Shale development occurs.

SFWMD OKs Pump Station for Stormwater Treatment Area

The pump station is just part of the South Florida Water Management District's plan to develop a wetland that will clean stormwater runoff bound for Lake Okeechobee, and ultimately, the Everglades.

Germans Test Low-emission Truck Engine with New Probe

TUM researchers say they have reduced pollutants in diesel exhaust emissions to barely measurable levels.

Casa Grande, Ariz., Food Facility Achieves LEED EB Gold

PepsiCo's Frito-Lay facility becomes first existing food manufacturing site to earn LEED EB gold certification.

Bill Tackles California Supply Problem, Eliminates Cost-Share

Money for water projects is needed now to alleviate the water supply problem and record unemployment, according to HR 4225's sponsors.

Tom Casten Earns Lifetime Achievement Award

Energy recycling pioneer slashes global warming pollution and power costs simultaneously.

Bono Mack Bill Ratifies Water Rights Agreement in California

The settlement agreement includes the United States and California water districts and resolves longstanding claims to water rights in the Santa Margarita River Watershed.

South Carolina School Commits to Alternative Fuel Fleet

The University of South Carolina sets goal at 90 percent less CO2 from vehicles within 5 years.

EWG Blames EPA, Congress for Polluted Reservoirs

Environmental Working Group report analyzes 20 million tap water quality tests done by water utilities over the last five years and found 316 contaminants.

Climate Panel Seeks Creation of Methane Fund

Group says methane emission reduction could be accomplished quickly because this type of warming lasts only 10 years.

EPA Sets Final Rules on Uses of HCFCs

Specific hydrochlorofluorocarbons cannot be used in new air conditioning and refrigeration equipment nor can they be sold, distributed or imported in 2010.

Western Lawmakers Oppose Clean Water Restoration Act

Letter to congressional leaders points out that Senate bill 787 would give EPA and Army Corps of Engineers the power to regulate all inland waters.

Virginia Adopts Stormwater Rules for Construction

Enhanced regulations call for not more than 0.45 pounds of phosphorus per acre per year to run off newly developed properties.

Ocean Temperature Finding May Improve Projections, USGS Says

U.S. Geological Survey scientists create a 3-D ocean reconstruction and discover new information on surface warming effects and circulation during the Pliocene period.