Iowa Feedlot Operation Settles Discharge Allegations with $25 K

Schuiteman Feedlots will no longer hold its cattle in open feedlots, which should prevent the discharge of manure or wastewater into the West Branch of the Floyd River in Sioux City, Iowa.

MIT: Carbon in Pond Soil Mobilizes Arsenic in Bangladesh Study

Researchers also found that rice fields irrigated with water containing arsenic filtered out much of the poison from the water system.

Recycling Facility

The Proper Package for Fluorescent Lamps

Energy-saving fluorescent lamps pose mercury vapor risks when broken and require special packaging for their transport to recycling facilities.

Sustainable Construction Waste Management Most Important Green Building Practice

According to a new report from McGraw-Hill Construction, customer demands and regulatory pressures are driving green building construction.

YSI Grant to Further Estuary Nutrient Load Studies

Jane Caffrey of the University of West Florida says the $25,000 grant will fund a graduate student project to help analyze nutrient and continuous dissolve oxygen data from research reserves.

EPA Wants to Interview Past Santa Susana Field Lab Workers

Former Atomics International, Rocketdyne, and Rockwell employees are encouraged to contact EPA about its Santa Susana Field Lab radiological study.

Tribes May Apply for $3.5 M in Grants for Puget Sound

EPA will award grants between $200,000 and $600,000 for direct, local action to benefit the Puget Sound ecosystem.

Tribes May Apply for $3.5 M in Grants for Puget Sound

EPA will award grants between $200,000 and $600,000 for direct, local action to benefit the Puget Sound ecosystem.

Idaho Animal Feeding Operations Permit Open for Comment

Under the new EPA-issued permit, CAFO owners and operators must submit a nutrient management plan for review

Heavy Rains in Hawaii Trigger Boil Water Alert

Kauai County provided water tankers and recommended customers boil water as it responded to problems cause by a weekend storm.

Mercury Waste Agrees to Pay $54,000 to Settle RCRA Issue

EPA Region 5 alleged that Mercury Waste Solutions used malfunctioning equipment and failed to properly manage PCBs at its Wisconsin facility.

Maersk Line Switches to Low-Sulfur Fuel to Clear Gulf Air

The shipping company and EPA are optimistic the change will result in lowering emissions at the Port of Houston, Texas and the Port of Progreso, Mexico.

Agency Spends $3 M for 21 Methane Projects in 11 Countries

The Methane to Markets program promotes the cost-effective, near-term recovery and use of methane and has 31 partner governments and more than 900 private- sector participants.

Judge: EPA Consent Decree for Florida Waters Stands

Federal judge rules in favor of EPA developiing nutrient limits for Florida waters.

Ashtabula River Cleanup Moves toward Restoration

EPA's Great Lakes Legacy Act project is in its final phase, contributing habitat for fish spawning, waterfowl, and other aquatic organisms.

Six Maryland Hospitals Win Trailblazer Awards

Performance contracting, conservation, and shutting down an incinerator are a few of the actions hospital facilities have taken to reduce their environmental footprints.

Cleanup Cost for Idaho Superfund Site Set at $12 M

EPA has ordered Carney Products Co., B.J. Carney & Co., and the City of St. Maries, Idaho to remediate the site using thermal treatment and excavation.