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HOBAS pipe in Rome

Case Study: Rome Microtunnels Bypass in Ancient System

Rome, Italy, puts a 1,000-foot sewer bypass in a busy quarter using trenchless technology and centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar pipe.

Organism Color Changes Indicate Change in Salt Levels

SETI Institute and NASA are using a Zeppelin over San Francisco Bay to gather data for a predictive model of microbial ecosystem change.

EPA's N.J. Parking Lot Provides Outdoor Laboratory

Scientists can use it to study permeable surfaces that will stem the flow of stormwater into waterways

Jackson Announces Smart Grid Grant to Progress Energy

Company plans to match funding, upgrade to more efficient equipment, and install smart meters.

Smiths Ferry Developers Failed to Get Stormwater Permit

EPA proposes $125,000 in penalties for discharging sediment into tributaries of the North Fork of the Payette River in Idaho.

Jackson Addresses Lawmakers on Energy Bill

The Senate version of the American Clean Energy and Security Act should transform the American economy just as the House version, Jackson says.

Attracting More Women to Engineering Will Boost Rolls

In most engineering fields of study, women receive degrees at rates equal to or higher than men, the Urban Institute study found.

Fixing Leaks Can Be Elementary with EPA Curriculum

WaterSense has developed lessons for grades 3 through 5 that focus on savings water by fixing leaks.

Agency Seeks Proposals for Puget Sound, Has $10 M to Spend

Proposals must be received by Jan. 5, 2010.

Cambodian Wildlife Park also Protects Carbon

The project is a model for demonstrating how reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation can be implemented.

FPMA Committee Chair Rallies for Florida Cleanup Funds

Florida Petroleum Marketers Association says that more than $200 million from a cleanup trust was swept into the general fund for other programs.

7-Year Myrtle Beach Study Offers Clues to Preservation

Researchers identified offshore sand sources that could be used for future beach replenishment without causing a bigger erosion problem elsewhere, a USGS lead scientist says.

Seth Guikema

Researchers Model Hurricane-related Power Outages

Data could save utilities money and facilitate logistics for repair crews.

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