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StormTrooper AQ

The StormTrooper AQ is a patented storm water wet vault specifically designed to intercept free oils, grease, TSS, debris, and other pollutants found in storm water runoff.


    EXO Sonde Platform

    The EXO Sonde Platform is YSI’s new water quality monitoring system.

      ERA Environmental Management Solutions

      Sustainability Management Dashboard & Virtual Manager

      This web-based sustainability dashboard gives environmental managers and executives a snapshot of their entire operation’s environmental footprint, including greenhouse gases, air and waste emissions, energy usage, VOCs and air pollutants, and other customizable Key Performance Indicators.

        Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

        TRACE 1300 Series Gas Chromatograph

        The TRACE 1300 Series Gas Chromatograph has innovated completely the use of this range of analytical instruments in routine laboratories.



          With the release of the ASME A17.1-2007/CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators & Escalators, a new era has begun for elevator safety codes.



            The FracMAG is a self-sustaining electromagnetic water meter assembly. With the sudden boom of hydraulic fracturing operations taking place, oil & gas companies have the responsibility to measure and regulate their water usage.

              EXAIR Co.

              USB Data Logger for Digital Flowmeter

              EXAIR’s Digital Flowmeter provides an excellent way to monitor compressed air consumption and waste.

                Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

                Dionex ICS 4000 Capillary HPIC Ion Chromatography System

                The high-pressure Dionex ICS-4000 Capillary HPIC Ion Chromatography System delivers best-in-class sensitivity from routine analysis of ionic compounds to your most demanding application challenges.

                  New Pig Corp.

                  PIG® Well Pad Liner 130

                  The extra-thick PIG® Well Pad Liner 130 is designed for long-term deployments and use over especially coarse, sharp, or shift-prone subbase.


                    FilterSense BPAC product for EP.

                    Baghouse Performance Analyzer and Controller

                    The BPAC helps with air pollution control, powder processing, and dust collection.

                      GrayWolf Sensing Solutions.

                      Temperature Probe for AdvancedSense

                      Temperature Probe for AdvancedSense measures humidity, temperature, and dewpoint.

                        Regenesis Bioremediation Products

                        PersulfOx2 Product Feature

                        PersulfOx Catalyzed Persulfate

                        PersulfOx is a patented, sodium persulfate-based in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) reagent designed specifically for groundwater and soil remediation at contaminated sites.

                          Abanaki Corp.

                          Mighty Mini Oil Skimmer from Abanaki

                          Mighty Mini Oil Skimmer

                          The Mighty Mini is the solution to unwanted oil in coolants and parts washers.

                            Asahi/America Inc.

                            The Asahi/America, Inc. Quarter Master (QM) Remote Cycle™.

                            QM Remote Cycle

                            The QM Remote Cycle™ unit provides continuous and reliable cycling in remote mining, chemical, water, and wastewater applications.

                              Abanaki Corp.

                              TubeTastic! HC

                              The TubeTastic!™ HC mounts to the side of a machining center coolant sump and can skim oil from chip conveyors or completely enclosed machining centers. Using an existing opening through a small access cutout, the unit's collector tube flows out the discharge tube into any waste oil container for easy disposal.