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Parker Hannifin Corporation

THM Analyzer

Parker Hannifin Corporation’s THM Analyzer is an on-site analytical system that measures trihalomethane (THM) concentration at ppb levels in less than 30 minutes.

    Mueller Systems

    Mueller Systems 420 RDM

    Mueller Systems’ 420 RDM is a remote disconnect meter (RDM) that allows municipalities to remotely manage water services through AMI networks from the office or from their vehicles. The 420 RDM is fully-integral with 5/8" positive displacement (PD) meters—in standard AWWA laying lengths—without requiring any re-plumbing. It can be used for complete water service shutoffs or configured to limit shutoffs to provide life sustenance flow for utilities that have policies against completely terminating water supplies to residential customers.

      Emerson Process Management

      Emerson Process Management Rosemount WQP

      Rosemount Analytical WQP Systems

        CBI Polymers

        Gel Decontaminant

        Gel Decontaminant

          BioAir Solutions

          Compact Odor-control System

          Compact Odor Control System

            Kimberly-Clark Professional

            Kimberly Clark Professional Wypall

            Absorbent Cloth

              Midac Corp.

              MIDAC Infrared Spectrometer

              Infrared Spectrometer

                Advanced Drainage Systems

                Leaching Chamber

                Leaching Chamber