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STM-Aerotor Process and COP Secondary Clarifiers

STM-Aerotor Process and COP Secondary Clarifiers

WesTech’s STM-Aerotor Process and COP Secondary Clarifiers have proven effective in removing biological nutrients and improving water quality at the Patchogue Wastewater Treatment Plant. They have worked together to reduce carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD), total suspended solids (TSS), and total nitrogen (TN) to well below the mandated levels, making the Patchogue WWTP one of the most efficient plants in the state.

    Solinst Canada Ltd.

    Model 107 TLC Meter

    Model 107 TLC Meter

    Solinst Canada Ltd.'s newly redesigned Model 107 provides accurate, stable conductivity and corresponding temperature measurements, displayed on a convenient rotating LCD display for easy viewing.

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      ST100 AirGas Flow Meter

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            The Fracking Kit

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