Environmental Protection


DOE Contracts with 4 for Radioactive, Hazardous Waste Treatment

EnergySolutions, Perma-Fix, Philo-Technics, and Studsvik will be awarded task orders for treatment over the next five years with a maximum contract value of $24.9 million.

Dispersant Testing Finds No Significant Endocrine Disruption, EPA Says

In the next phase, EPA will test the acute toxicity of multiple concentrations of Louisiana Sweet Crude Oil and the dispersants.

Ontario Proposes Rules for Offshore Wind Turbines

The rules would keep wind turbines at least 5 kilometers from the shorelines of lakes Superior, Huron, Erie, and Ontario.

USGS Upgrades Streamgage Network Using Stimulus Funds

The U.S. Geological Survey has purchased $3.4 million of high tech electro-acoustic instruments from SonTek/YSI.

SOCMA Partners with DHS for July Security Summit

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is the keynote speaker of the July 7-8 event in Baltimore.

North Carolina to Develop $5 M Early Warning System

University of North Carolina, North Carolina State and the SAS Institute will use human health and biosphere data to detect bioterrorism threats before traditional disease surveillance systems do.

Anti-Terrorism Technology Produces Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite

Electrolytic Technologies Corporation's Klorigen was designated a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology this year.

EPA Approves Water Contaminant Testing Methods

Twelve new testing methods offer users greater flexibility for detecting Dalaphon, Radium-226, Uranium, Radioactive Cesium, Iodine and Gamma emitters, Tritium, and E.coli.

Preparing Your Business for Hurricane Season 2010

Creating or updating your disaster recovery plan is a good start.

Three New York Men to Serve Jail Time for Asbestos Scheme

A jury found two brothers guilty of fraud, violating the Clean Air Act, and illegally dumping asbestos in Poland, N.Y. Their father pleaded guilty before the trial.

Safe Chemicals Bill May Help Protect Exports, Attorney Says

New Jersey lawyer James Kosch suggests that a U.S. law similar to Europe's REACH law also could lower protection for trade secrets.

BPA Exposure Affects Male Sexual Function, Kaiser Permanente Says

The researchers observed a dose-response association between increasing urine BPA level and declining male sexual function of 427 factory workers in China.

Lawmakers Tackle Endocrine Disruptors in New Bill

Reps. Markey and Moran charge EPA to test 100 chemicals over four years and determine their impact on humans.

EPA to Test Emergency Response for Butler Mine Site

Five-day exercise will prevent access to Pittston City Riverfront Park on the Susquehanna River starting April 26.

SOCMA Plans Third Washington Flyin for June

Chemical manufacturers' group encourages members to voice their concerns on chemical site security and TSCA reform.

Treece, Kan., Residents Will Get Relocation Help

The agency has partnered with the state of Kansas to help the owners of 77 residential and business properties move away from the Tar Creek Superfund site in Oklahoma.

Indiana Study Finds Antimony Properties Not Similar to Arsenic

Researchers are measuring antimony concentrations from water samples near the world's largest antimony mine in Xikuangshan, China.

Big Picture

'Big Picture' Contest Sends Message on Nutrient Monitoring

Hach Co. will present thousands of dollars in equipment to municipal wastewater treatment plants in the United States that can explain creatively why they should receive the award.

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