Environmental Protection


Europe's REACH May Require Even More Animals, Funds

Johns Hopkins School suggests the European Union may want to consider revising its test approaches to cut costs.

Organic Framework May Offer Safer, Denser Acetylene Storage

NIST scientists have probed a metal-organic framework that soaks up acetylene like a sponge. The finding may be useful to the chemical industry in the future.

Indiana Researchers Create Easy-to-Clean Polymer

The coatings eliminate the need for harsh detergents and solvents that may contain phosphates and be discharged into lakes and streams, according to a presentation at the American Chemical Society's meeting this week.

Foundation Study Suggests Link between Toxins and Myeloma

According to Dr. Brian Durie, the study supports the notion that genetic factors affecting toxin breakdown may be related to the development of myeloma.

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown to Speak at AHMP Meeting

Annual Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals conference will look at the critical role members play in developing sustainability and preparing for disasters.

Square D Receives Occupational Excellence Award

The National Safety Council names Square D Services a winner for occupational achievement for reporting few injuries and illnesses and no fatalities in 2008.


Bridges for Human and Aquatic Species

MACTEC Engineering and Consulting assembled a design team for the U.S. Forest Service to evaluate the risks and determine mitigating measures to enable safe passage for human traffic and aquatic species in nine National Forests.

American Chemistry Council Calls for TSCA Overhaul

The Toxic Substances Control Act is more than 30 years old and the American Chemistry Council says it is time for the law to keep pace with science.

13 States to Get $45 M in Stimulus for UST Cleanup

EPA is using stimulus funds to help states address underground storage tank leaks, which can contaminate groundwater.

Agency Declares Asbestos Emergency in Montana

The towns of Libby and Troy have had higher numbers of asbestos-related disease cases, constituting a public health emergency.

U.S. Sends HazMat Equipment to Mexico to Build Border Response Capability

Personal protective suits, multi-gas meters, and related hazmat response equipment for Cuidad Juárez first responders were transferred to Mexico's Dirección de Protección Civil.

Maine Storage Owner Pays for Chemical Reporting Violations

The owner of a storage facility in Bangor, Maine, will pay a fine of $17,121 to settle EPA claims that it violated chemical reporting requirements.

Firm Develops Chinese Drywall Inspection Protocol

A forensics company has identified 11 of 12 compounds that could be considered health concerns in imported drywall.

Senators Seek Funds for Chinese Drywall Study

Amendment requests $2 million for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to expedite the investigation.

Harvard Study Sees Increase in Urinary BPA

After a week of drinking from polycarbonate bottles, participants showed a two-thirds increase in bisphenol A in their urine.

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