SOCMA Plans Third Washington Flyin for June

Chemical manufacturers' group encourages members to voice their concerns on chemical site security and TSCA reform.

EPA to Test Emergency Response for Butler Mine Site

Five-day exercise will prevent access to Pittston City Riverfront Park on the Susquehanna River starting April 26.

Treece, Kan., Residents Will Get Relocation Help

The agency has partnered with the state of Kansas to help the owners of 77 residential and business properties move away from the Tar Creek Superfund site in Oklahoma.

Indiana Study Finds Antimony Properties Not Similar to Arsenic

Researchers are measuring antimony concentrations from water samples near the world's largest antimony mine in Xikuangshan, China.

Big Picture

'Big Picture' Contest Sends Message on Nutrient Monitoring

Hach Co. will present thousands of dollars in equipment to municipal wastewater treatment plants in the United States that can explain creatively why they should receive the award.

Manufacturers Must Test Chemical Safety in New TSCA Bills

SOCMA calls the efforts of Congress to reform the Toxics Substance Control Act overreaching; Safer Chemicals group wants more teeth in the measure.

Homeland Security Funds R&D for Cell Phone Toxic Chemical Function

Cell-All initiative would equip cell phones with sensors capable of detecting such chemicals as carbon monoxide and fire.

The View from Kenya on World Water Monitoring Day

An environmental journalist makes a UNEP-sponsored field visit to Mariakani to see first hand how scarce fresh water is and how that affects the people of the village.

EPA Urges Families to Lock Up Household Chemicals, Pesticides

Agency asks the public to report all poisoning incidents to National Poison Center and product manufacturers.

How to Take the Stress Out of Replacing Chinese Drywall

A general contractor offers three tips to help homeowners regain control of their "hostage" situation.

New Method May Lower Toxicity of Antimicrobial Silver

University of Helsinki chemists think that exposure to silver can be reduced by chemically binding the nanoparticles to polymers.

EPA, N.Y. Order Tonawanda Coke Corp. to Clean Up Multiple Issues

The foundry coke manufacturer is being investigated for uncontrolled releases of ammonia and benezene, improper handling of coal tar sludge, and unpermitted discharges of its process and nonprocess wastewater.

Dipstick detects pesticides in food

Canadian Group Develops 'Dipstick' Test for Pesticides in Foods

John Brennan and colleagues from McMaster University tested food and beverage samples intentionally contaminated with pesticides and got results in less than 5 minutes.

Feds Get $1.79 B from ASARCO to Clean Up Mining Sites

Federal agencies win largest bankruptcy settlement in U.S. history and plan to use funds to clean and restore sites contaminated by ASARCO mining operations in 19 states.

El Paso Corp. Fined $2.3 M for Pipeline Safety Violations

DOT ordered El Paso Corp., and Colorado Interstate Gas Company to develop and train operators on safety procedures following an investigation into pipeline explosion in Wyoming three years ago.

EPA Wants to Interview Past Santa Susana Field Lab Workers

Former Atomics International, Rocketdyne, and Rockwell employees are encouraged to contact EPA about its Santa Susana Field Lab radiological study.