Three New York Men to Serve Jail Time for Asbestos Scheme

A jury found two brothers guilty of fraud, violating the Clean Air Act, and illegally dumping asbestos in Poland, N.Y. Their father pleaded guilty before the trial.

DOE Completes Vallecitos Nuclear Center Cleanup

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds helped to speed DOE's project to remove about 2,300 cubic feet of radioactive waste from California.

EPA to End Endosulfan Use to Protect Farmworkers and Wildlife

Agency is in discussions with Makhteshim Agan of North America, the insecticide's manufacturer.

Locals Get Superfund Job Training for Tar Creek Site

More than 20 citizens who live near the Tar Creek Superfund Site in Northeast Oklahoma have received training that will allow them to work to help clean up the site.

Marine Biologist Notes Devastation, Gulf Spill's Silver Lining

Now everyone will know that offshore drilling is the No. 2 cause of oil spills, says John Morrissey.

SO2 Health Standard Finalized, Set at 75 Parts Per Billion

One-hour standard and monitoring should provide greater protection to people living near sulfur dioxide dischargers.

EPA Releases Draft Formaldehyde Assessment Report

The assessment will help determine the level of risk formaldehyde poses to Americans' health.

BPA Exposure Affects Male Sexual Function, Kaiser Permanente Says

The researchers observed a dose-response association between increasing urine BPA level and declining male sexual function of 427 factory workers in China.

German Study Links Air Pollution with Diabetes in Women

The research team used air pollution data and personal health data from 1,775 women and found that exposures to NOx and PM were associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

TCEQ: Air Monitors Show No Levels of Concern in Barnett Shale Area

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says it will continue to monitor air quality in the area so that longer term data will be available to make even more informed conclusions.

CPSC Reveals Problematic Chinese Drywall Sources

Five Chinese companies manufactured the 10 drywall samples tested for CPSC and found to emit the highest levels of hydrogen sulfide.

Vermont DEC, EPA Clear Out Asbestos from Mt. Norris Boy Scout Camp

Work included cleaning the interiors of all 58 onsite buildings, a process consisting of HEPA vacuuming, wet wiping, and the use of negative air machines.

Turkish Ship Operator Pleads Guilty, Did Not Log Oil Discharges

U.S. District Court judge orders company to serve three years of probation and implement an environmental compliance plan.

EPA: BP Must Find Less Toxic Dispersant to Manage Oil

Due to the volume of dispersant being applied, EPA is requiring BP to identify a more environmentally friendly substitute.

Hurricane Study Unearths Prior Lead Problem in New Orleans

Texas Tech professor says the highest concentrations of lead and arsenic were observed in soils from the poorer parts of town.

Jackson Updates Senate Committee on BP Spill Work

EPA will closely monitor use of dispersants underwater at the source of the oil release.

Ceres Report: Oil Sands Face Greater Risks than Gulf Spill

The energy- and water-intensive nature of oil sands, combined with climate change regulations, permitting obstacles and other challenges, are a recipe for diminishing revenues and returns.