Mississippi to Implement EPA's Lead Renovation Program

The state's environmental agency has received approval for administering and enforcing the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting program.

Indiana Study Finds Antimony Properties Not Similar to Arsenic

Researchers are measuring antimony concentrations from water samples near the world's largest antimony mine in Xikuangshan, China.

Manufacturers Must Test Chemical Safety in New TSCA Bills

SOCMA calls the efforts of Congress to reform the Toxics Substance Control Act overreaching; Safer Chemicals group wants more teeth in the measure.

Homeland Security Funds R&D for Cell Phone Toxic Chemical Function

Cell-All initiative would equip cell phones with sensors capable of detecting such chemicals as carbon monoxide and fire.

Three Coal Ash Neighbors Tell Regulators to Quit Stalling

Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio residents want EPA to regulate coal ash as a hazardous waste.

IEER: French Nuclear Reprocessing Model Will Not Solve U.S. Issues

An Institute for Energy and Environment Research report notes that France uses less than 1 percent of the natural uranium resource and has higher waste volume.

SCAQMD's VOC Limit Violates California Law, Court Says

California Superior Court said the South Coast Air Quality Management District's Rule 1143, which would set a volatile organic compound limit on solvents, would require manufacturers to produce extremely flammable products.

EPA Confident Contractors Will be Lead-safe Certified

The Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule goes into effect on April 22.

Agency Restricts Phosphine Fumigant Use to Protect People

EPA says new label requirements also should lower the potential for accidental poisonings.

The View from Kenya on World Water Monitoring Day

An environmental journalist makes a UNEP-sponsored field visit to Mariakani to see first hand how scarce fresh water is and how that affects the people of the village.

AWWA: Disinfectant Choice Is a Local Decision

More than 130 water utility professionals shared their perspectives with lawmakers at the annual Water Matters! Fly-in.

Agency Awards $7.6 M Contract to Versar

Versar will review and evaluate pesticide product and residue chemistry data for EPA.

University, Vineyard Team, and Agency Win Grants for IPM

The grants will be used to demonstrate innovative integrated pest management practices, technologies, outreach and education.

NSWMA: Tritium-containing Exit Signs Don't Belong in Landfills

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering a rulemaking for the disposal of tritium exit signs, which contain a radioactive form of hydrogen.

Kansas Corrections Department Failed to Inspect for Asbestos

EPA Region 7 issues compliance order and notice of noncompliance related to a 2005-2006 prison dormitory renovation project in Topeka.

Chemist Develops Membrane to Sense, Clean Up Nanoparticles

Binghamton University researcher Omowunmi Sadik will test sensors for monitoring engineered nanoparticles using a grant from EPA.

Study Links Chlorpyrifos to Childhood Developmental Delays

Exposure to the pesticide, which is used in the agricultural industry, is associated with early childhood developmental delays, according to a Columbia University study.

Jackson Outlines New Drinking Water Vision

EPA will begin addressing contaminants in groups and has identified four carcinogenic compounds that merit stricter regulation.