Agency Opens 'Climate Ready' Water Utilities Toolbox

The searchable database will help water utilities identify relevant impacts and help them target their responses.

EPA Testing Says Corexit No More Toxic than Other Dispersants

The agency's second round of testing confirms that dispersants available for spill management have similar toxicities.


A Re-think on Fly Ash Ponds in India

Bioremediation of ash ponds has the potential to reclaim the contaminated environment and return it to a more natural condition.

Milford, N.H., Gas Station to Pay for Oil Spill Claims

Draper Energy and Energy North did not have a spill prevention plan and illegally discharged diesel fuel last year, according to EPA.

EPA Rejects 10 Endangerment Challenge Petitions

Following review, the agency said it found no evidence to support claims that climate science cannot be trusted.

Senate Homeland Security Committee OKs CFATS Extension

Sen. Collins introduced an amendment to keep the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act alive for another three years.

Safer Siting Could Have Lessened Damage at Veolia Facility

The Chemical Safety Board completed its report on the 2009 explosion at Veolia ES Technical Solutions' plant in Ohio and recommended the Center for Chemical Process Safety revise control room siting guidelines.

National Aquarium Initiates Damage Assessment for Sarasota Bay

The aquarium, Mote Marine Laboratory and Johns Hopkins University will document the state of natural resources before and possible damages after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, should it reach the bay.

Hoosier Energy Co-op Agrees to Fine, Will Install Pollution Controls

The rural electric cooperative, which will upgrade controls at two coal-fired plants in Indiana, will pay a $950,000 penalty and spend $5 million on environmental projects.

Commentary: Incentives for Safety in the Oil Drilling Industry

Regulatory review may help bridge the gap between technology and policy for oil drilling, historian suggests.

MSU to Test Gulf Seafood Using Agilent Technologies' Analyzer

Mississippi State has developed a new test process to be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Some SCR Systems Not Controlling NOx, Navistar Says

Selective catalytic reduction may not be working effectively, according to tests by EnSIGHT, an environmental consulting firm.

Rush and Waxman Release Toxic Chemicals Safety Act

Hearings on the bill will begin July 29.

NOAA Finds PM and Black Carbon in Air near Gulf Spill

Three different federal agencies are monitoring air quality in and around the spill for the environment and worker health.

FDA Joins Other Feds on Tox21 Collaboration

Now, research, funding and testing tools from the Food and Drug Administration will be added to those of EPA, NTP and NCGC to improve chemical impacts testing.


Integrating Sustainability at Dow Chemical

Anne Wallin, director of Sustainable Chemistry and Life Cycle Assessment, shares the company's approach to working smart in today's chemical society.

Grace, Oldon to Clean Up Asbestos in Easthampton, Mass.

Grace leased the facility from Oldon and received asbestos-contaminated vermiculite concentrate there to manufacture attic insulation and fireproofing material.

Beyond Petroleum

Commentary: Beyond Petroleum Case Makes Pitfalls of Greenwashing Crystal Clear

Professors' study suggests Environmental Management Systems would be more productive in creating corporate transparency.

Texas Groups Plan Suit against LCRA for Clean Air Violations

The Environmental Integrity Project, Texas Campaign for the Environment and Environment Texas filed a notice of intent to sue to the Lower Colorado River Authority for its Fayette Power Project's inability to even meet flexible air permit standards.

Secure Water, Chemical Bills Aim to Protect Facilities; SOCMA Objects

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates says "inherently safer technology" is not a common sense mandate.