Dipstick detects pesticides in food

Canadian Group Develops 'Dipstick' Test for Pesticides in Foods

John Brennan and colleagues from McMaster University tested food and beverage samples intentionally contaminated with pesticides and got results in less than 5 minutes.

Versar Wins $7 M EPA Contract for Exposure Assessments

Company has supported EPA toxic substances programs for 30 years and currently has five major contracts.

EPA to Develop TSCA Chemicals of Concern List

The agency is first addressing phthalates, short-chain chlorinated paraffins, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and perfluorinated chemicals.

Jury Awards $100 M to Plaintiffs Exposed to BP Plant Emissions

Trial evidence showed that plaintiffs received treatment for "exposure to toxic chemical" from emissions at the plant in Texas City, Texas.

1% of NYC Buildings Create 87% of Heating Oil Soot, EDF Says

Environmental Defense Fund proposes that building owners convert to cleaner heating oils or natural gas by 2020.

EPA Offers $2 M, Seeks Applications for Community Grants

Two levels of grants awards are available to help establish community-based partnerships and implement risk-reduction activities.

EPA Updates Risk Analysis for Solvent-contaminated Wipes

The agency has extended the comment period that was set to expire Dec. 28.

Group Sues EPA for Omitting Polar Bear from Pesticide Impact Review

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, pesticides have been linked to immune and endocrine problems as well as cub mortality in polar bears.

Lead Affects Brain Areas Differently, Study Shows

Cincinnati Lead Study uses functional magnetic resonance imaging to test how adults exposed to lead as children behave when asked to perform two tasks.

Climate Change May Affect Mental Health, Doctors Say

King's College London doctors have researched the literature and found that climate change could negatively affect people with mental illness and increase the burden of mental disorder generally.

EWG Lab Tests Find BPA, Perchlorate in Newborn Umbilical Cords

Chemicals in cord blood from newborns of African American, Asian, and Hispanic descent provide evidence of contamination in the womb.

El Paso Corp. Fined $2.3 M for Pipeline Safety Violations

DOT ordered El Paso Corp., and Colorado Interstate Gas Company to develop and train operators on safety procedures following an investigation into pipeline explosion in Wyoming three years ago.

EPA Wants to Interview Past Santa Susana Field Lab Workers

Former Atomics International, Rocketdyne, and Rockwell employees are encouraged to contact EPA about its Santa Susana Field Lab radiological study.

Texas Clothes Cleaner Wins by Losing

In a competition recognizing environmental efforts, San Antonio-based Clothesline Cleaners discarded perchloroethylene and fossil fuels to stand out among other women-owned businesses.

Missouri Gets $75K Grant for Anhydrous Ammonia RMPs

Agriculture and Emergency Management agencies in Missouri will assist with outreach, education and implementation of the Clean Air Act's Risk Management Program.

Study Correlates Workplace BPA Exposure to Male Sexual Dysfunction

"This study raises the question: Is there a safe level for BPA exposure, and what is that level? More studies like this, which examine the effect of BPA on humans, are critically needed to help establish prevention strategies and regulatory policies." said lead author De-Kun Li, M.D., Ph.D., of Kaiser Permanente's Division of Research in Oakland, Calif.