Environmental Protection

Energy Efficiency

Recycling Center Contracts for 397-kW Solar Project

BLT Enterprises' Fremont, Calif., operation adds new layer of sustainability with the help of Solar Power Inc.

New Water Purifier Runs on Solar

Inventors suggest The HYDRA will be an asset to medical clinics, schools, remote communities, and disaster relief agencies.

Mississippi Breaks Ground on Solar-powered Affordable Housing

Jackson Housing Authority, with Duvall Decker Architects, P.A., combines sustainability, energy-efficiency, durability, and livable housing with infrastructure improvements while remaining economical.

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Harnessing Sun and Wind Energy for Water Treatment

A green commitment delivers clean, reliable, cost-saving power to American Water.

Wolf Street Block Wins 'Cool Roof'; Philadelphia Aims to Be Greenest City

Mayor Nutter signs bill requiring energy efficient reflective roofs or green roofs on all new no- and low-slope roofs in the city.

Report: No New Laws Needed to Make U.S. Buildings Green

A U.S. Green Building Council legal analysis points to existing programs that the Obama administration could use to enhance efficiency in buildings and homes.

Massachusetts Class Video Wins Green School Title

South Shore Charter Public School won a hybrid school bus, a green audit, and money for scholarship and class supplies.

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It's Official: Fossil Fuels Don't Cost Less

National Academy of Sciences' cost accounting report reveals hidden costs, says solar and wind are competitive energy sources.

Five Manufacturers Already Met Energy Star Challenge Goal

Kodak, Shearer's Foods, Detroit Diesel, John B. Sanfilippo & Son, and FetterGroup reduced their energy intensity by 10 percent or more in two years or less.

Barcelona Tests BSSCO Power Distribution Cables

Project reports that superconductor technology would reduce energy loss and lower emissions in Spanish electricity system.

Cobham Opens 'Green' Weapon Systems Factory

Company's manufacturing facility was built to LEED standards

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Case Study: Dry Scrubber Lowers Energy Costs for Spray Booth

Volkswagen's Chattanooga facility will debut North America's first EcoDryScrubber to lower CO2 and NOx emissions, energy costs, and water usage.

States, Utilities Tap into Building Performance with Energy Star

The program will help organizations increase energy savings by pursuing whole building improvements with their business customers.

Agencies Seek Nominations for Green Power Leader Awards

EPA, DOE, and the Center for Resource Solutions are sponsoring competitive awards that recognize commitment and achievements in green power.

Iowa State Study: Less Fossil Energy May Require More Labor

The researchers compared energy use of a conventionally managed corn and soybean system with two low-input systems that used more diverse crops and manure applications.

TCEQ Has Grants for Alternative Fuel and Hybrid Vehicles

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has $12 million in grants available; the deadline for application is June 30.

14 Buildings Compete for Energy Efficiency Bragging Rights

EPA hosts first national building competition to improve energy efficiency

Wake Forest Study Suggests Pokeberries Could Make Solar Affordable

Red dye from purple pokeberries help trap more sunlight in fiber-based solar cells.

Fannie Mae Data Center Saves $1.7 M in Energy Costs

Five years after achieving LEED certification, the Fannie Mae facility preserves nearly 13,000 gallons of water per day from consumption and waste.

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