Environmental Protection

Energy Efficiency

Appliance Rebate Program Wastes Money, Economists Say

University of Delaware economists analyzed the effect of refrigerator rebates and energy savings.

Xcel Energy to Provide Funding for Energy Efficiency Promoter

Nonprofit Energy Smart will help Minnesota businesses save money through energy efficiency.

Governors Pick 6 States to Develop Building Retrofit Programs

The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices will help Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin retrofit their state buildings for energy efficiency.

WaterSmart Innovations Keeps Las Vegas Venue Through 2012

The third WaterSmart Innovations conference is set for Oct. 6-8, 2010 at the South Point Hotel and Conference Center.

ACEEE Profiles Local Energy Efficiency Programs

Free report offers insight into proven program models of energy efficiency.

Sandia Labs Develop Competitive Microphotovoltaic Cells

Photovoltaic modules made from these microsized cells for the rooftops of homes and warehouses could have intelligent controls, inverters and even storage built in at the chip level, says one field engineer.

Pennsylvania Invests $10 M in 12 New Solar Projects

The total installed capacity of the planned projects is a little more than 9.1 megawatts, or enough to power approximately 1,000 homes.

How 'Green' was COP-15?

From toner cartridges to carbon offsets, organizers tried to make this historic environmental meeting a 'green' one.

Stanford Researcher Estimates Grapevines Lose 10% of Water

The irrigation water typically speeds through soil cracks without interacting with the soil, says Eve Hinckley.

DOE Sets Efficient Appliance Paperwork Deadline at Jan. 8

Certification reports and compliance statements help the Department of Energy verify compliance with its energy efficiency standards.

Direct Energy's Solution to U.S.'s Energy Waste Problem

Holiday lights don't have to raise the power bill if they are energy efficient.

William Ford Jr. and Gary Lock

10 Tasks to Help Business Government Restore Economy

The National Summit has created consensus recommendations for increasing U.S. competitiveness in technology, energy, environment, and manufacturing.

Sandia's $4.2 M Stimulus Funds to Support Vehicle Battery Study

BATLab will be able to increase testing on low-cost lithium-ion batteries for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Enzymes Help Plants Sense High CO2, May Lead to Water-wise Crops

Biologists have identified plant enzymes that may help to engineer plants that take advantage of elevated carbon dioxide to use water more efficiently.

Tom Casten Earns Lifetime Achievement Award

Energy recycling pioneer slashes global warming pollution and power costs simultaneously.

Final Specs for WaterSense-New Homes Released

EPA says the specification will help homeowners increase water efficiency and save on their utility bills.

NRDC, Alliance Offer New Yorkers Way to Tap Clean Energy

Green Power NYC allows small businesses and residents to select their clean power and energy provider online.

Energy Audits Can Help Homeowners Stay Warm this Winter

Electric rate cap rates are set to expire in Pennsylvania so homeowners may have more incentive to seal up energy issues and save.

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