Energy Efficiency

America Greenest School 2009

The Search for America's Greenest School is On

The second annual contest sponsored by IC Bus will award the winning school a scholarship, a green school makeover, and a new hybrid school bus.

Georgia Counties Apply Stimulus to Lower Diesel Emissions

The $1.7 million project will retrofit 239 on-highway diesel vehicles in Athens-Clarke and Washington counties in Georgia.

Epicado: Google Penalizes UK Web Sites on 'Green' Servers

According to a Stroud, Glouchestershire, Web marketing company, Google's policy lowers search result rankings for sites hosted outside the United Kingdom.

Green Office Challenge Program Expanding

ICLEI developed a program that pits property managers and office tenants in a friendly competition to lower energy use and waste and save water.

ASTM Committee Developing Green Meetings Standards

The Convention Industry Council is working with ASTM to produce best practices for creating green meetings and has invited interested parties to contribute.

American Trim Receives Stimulus Funds to Install Efficient Line

A portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding is to help companies improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

TMS to Work on Transformational Materials Opportunities

DOE commissions the Minerals Metals & Materials Society to study materials opportunities to meet U.S. energy goals.

Michael Kintner-Meyer, Rob Pratt, Tom Secrest, and Kevin Schneider

PNNL Report: Smart Grid Could Lower Emissions 12% by 2030

One Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researcher says the report has significant implications for public and private sector interests engaging in future research, financial and policy decisions in this area.

New Light Bulb Is Efficient and Has No Mercury, RTI Says

Nanofibers were essential to producing a high efficiency lighting device in research that was supported by the Department of Energy's Solid-State Lighting program.

DOE Awards Conditional $22 M Grant to ClearFuels, Rentech

Companies are planning to construct a biomass gasifier that will work with Rentech's Product Demonstration Unit to produce renewable synthetic fuels from biomass.

Southern California Edison Pays Out $1 M for Education

Power company donates money to 10 California community colleges for green education and job training.

Obama Announces 3 Steps to Boost Biofuels, Clean Coal

EPA and USDA finalize rules on renewables and biomass, respectively, while agencies lay out commercialization strategy in the new report, "Growing America's Fuel."

NSF Celebrates World-class Research at Five U.S. Centers

Three of the five Science and Technology Centers have been working in sustainable energy alternatives, water development, and containing pesticides, among other research.

'Green Budget' Calls for Ending Tax Breaks for Polluters

Conservationists and public interest groups encourage Congress to cut $20 billion in spending and invest in a green economy.

Process to Use Shrimp, Tilapia to Extract Algae Oil for Biofuel

A University of Missouri professor and colleagues have developed a biomass cultivation model for a proposed 50-megawatt natural gas-fired power plant in Southern California.

Nonprofit Helps Seattle Port Truckers Upgrade with Scrap Credit

Cascade Sierra Solutions says 59 truck owners have turned in pre-1994 trucks for a $5,000 scrap credit and about 85 percent of the trucks are being replaced.

EPA, DOE Create Action Network for Energy Efficiency

Agencies seek to meet National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency goals five years earlier than originally envisioned.

Alfa Laval to Sponsor Great Lakes' Workshop in New York

The March 26 workshop will focus on best practices in water conservation for small- and medium-sized craft brewers and cheese companies.