FDA Joins Other Feds on Tox21 Collaboration

Now, research, funding and testing tools from the Food and Drug Administration will be added to those of EPA, NTP and NCGC to improve chemical impacts testing.

Scientists Test Dispersants, Say Unlikely to Be Endocrine Disruptors

EPA and NIH scientist used rapid screening method to determine whether the oil dispersants used in the Gulf of Mexico and others could harm marine life.

Grace, Oldon to Clean Up Asbestos in Easthampton, Mass.

Grace leased the facility from Oldon and received asbestos-contaminated vermiculite concentrate there to manufacture attic insulation and fireproofing material.

McWane's Cost of Compliance Totals $20 Million

The Birmingham, Ala.-based, cast iron pipe manufacturer will answer to 400 violations of environmental laws over the last 10 years with a $4 million fine, $9 million in supplemental projects, and more than $7 million for corrective measures

OSHA Extends PSM National Emphasis Program

Effective July 8, a new directive extends to Sept. 30 a yearlong NEP. It specifies programmed inspections in three regions and unprogrammed ones in the other seven OSHA regions.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Test Finds Oil in Oysters, Fish

Company's Food Safety Response Center developed methods to detect petroleum contamination specifically for the Gulf of Mexico spill.

Commentary: Doctor Renews Call for International Asbestos Ban

Joseph LaDou says discontinuing the global use of all forms of asbestos, including chrysotile asbestos, would prevent all asbestos-related diseases.

The Lifecycle of Hazardous Waste

How one environmental cleanup firm managed a sodium chlorate spill in an active rail yard from cradle-to-grave.

NRC Seeks Comments on Proposed Material Security Rule

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission rule would set requirements for Category 1 and 2 radioactive materials and shipments of small amounts of irradiated reactor fuel.

Dispersant Testing Finds No Significant Endocrine Disruption, EPA Says

In the next phase, EPA will test the acute toxicity of multiple concentrations of Louisiana Sweet Crude Oil and the dispersants.

Manufacturers in Oregon Must Collect Unused Paint

The Department of Environmental Quality has approved the pilot take-back program, which begins today.

Failure to Report Ammonia Release Quickly Results in $35,000 Fine

The leak at Pacific Seafood Group's warehouse and distribution center apparently was caused by an incorrect setting on a pressure relief valve.

Chlorine Distributor Settles Risk Management Program Issues

Oxarc, which has agreed to pay more than $19,000, did not update its Risk Management Program, according to EPA.

Agency Delays Enforcement on Lead Paint Certification

EPA is giving remodelers and contractors more time to get trained; the new enforcement deadline is Oct. 1.

EPA to Include Employees in Chemical Safety Inspections

In new interim guidance, the agency is encouraging employees to be involved during Risk Management Program inspections.

PCB Sampling at Bannister Federal Complex Finds No Indoor Air Issues

EPA is investigating suspected vapor intrusion at the General Services Administration's Bannister Federal Complex in Kansas City.

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SOCMA Partners with DHS for July Security Summit

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is the keynote speaker of the July 7-8 event in Baltimore.

Anti-Terrorism Technology Produces Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite

Electrolytic Technologies Corporation's Klorigen was designated a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology this year.