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Think Like an Underwriter

If you assess your risk from an underwriter's point of view, you should be able to secure some of the best possible terms and conditions for your environmental insurance.

Spill Commission's Second Meeting Set for Aug. 25

This meeting in Washington, D.C., of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling will look at root causes of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and be broadcast live.

Investors Ask Companies with Deep Water Wells for SPCC Plans

Fifty-eight investors with assets totaling $2.5 trillion are asking oil and gas companies and insurance companies to disclose their risk management plans by Nov. 1.

Super Soda Center Store Owners Settle Storage Tank Case for $2 Million

According to the Department of Justice, the amount of the civil penalty is “precedent-setting” yet “appropriate in light of the unacceptable risk” created by the underground storage tanks at the defendants’ 17 gas stations in Maryland and Delaware.

CF Industries Will Pay $12 M to Manage Fertilizer Plant Wastes

In the first enforcement case concluded against the mining and mineral processing industry, EPA is requiring the company to implement comprehensive waste containment and spill prevention measures, reconfigure scrubbers and construct a treatment system for hazardous wastes generated in fertilizer operations.

EPA Proposes 1 Year's Grace for Some on Amended SPCC Rule

Exempt from the extension would be facilities involved in drilling, production or workover offshore, or onshore facilities that must submit facility response plans.

Silent Spring Study: Residential Indoor Air Has High Levels of EDCs

Samples from high- and low-income areas of San Francisco showed that 32 chemical compounds, some of them suspected or known endocrine disruptors, were more prevalent in indoor air than outdoor air.

Conversation on Chemical Exposure Has Busy Fall Agenda

More than 50 public meetings are scheduled for this CDC-ASTDR project about chemical exposures and public health. An action agenda is scheduled for release in December.

New Jersey Asbestos Dump Removed from Superfund List

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Fish and Wildlife Service are responsible for the ongoing monitoring and maintenance activities at the Morris County site.

Lasco air emissions control.

Case Study: Aquatic Adopts RTO for Compliance and Power

Aquatic, which makes plastic composite bath products, invested in Dürr air emissions control technology that also provides energy from the collection and incineration of styrene.

EPA Testing Says Corexit No More Toxic than Other Dispersants

The agency's second round of testing confirms that dispersants available for spill management have similar toxicities.

Birds and other wildlife are being cleaned after Enbridge oil spill

Update: Enbridge President Says Company Is Committed to Cleanup

The company is working with Focus Wildlife, the Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to minimize the impact on birds and wildlife in the area. A bird and wildlife rehabilitation center is now operational.

Former, Current Owners to Pay for Cleanup at Walpole Superfund Site

The Justice Department has settled with W.R. Grace, Tyco Healthcare Group, BIM Investment and Shaffer Reality Nominee Trust for $13 million that will pay for past and future cleanup costs related to asbestos and caustic solution use on the site.

Milford, N.H., Gas Station to Pay for Oil Spill Claims

Draper Energy and Energy North did not have a spill prevention plan and illegally discharged diesel fuel last year, according to EPA.


A Re-think on Fly Ash Ponds in India

Bioremediation of ash ponds has the potential to reclaim the contaminated environment and return it to a more natural condition.

Communities can find out about releases and transfers of chemicals at the local level.

Latest Industrial and Toxics Release Data Available Now

EPA has published industry information on 2009 emissions the same month that the information was collected.

In 2007, desktop computers wasted 50 percent of the power coming from the wall.

CompTIA: IT Industry Powers Equipment Down

A study shows the industry has lowered carbon dioxide emissions by 32 million metric tons and needs to reduce those emissions by another 22 million metric tons to meet a June 2011 goal.

Lake Trout Seem to Have More Mercury Now, Study Says

Researchers suggest invasive species may have altered Lake Erie's foodweb, where increasing concentrations of mercury have been found in walleye.

Crystal IS Says Ultraviolet LEDs Can Replace Mercury-based Lamps

Proprietary technology is shown to be suitable for commercial LEDs in disinfection applications.

McDonald to Help NACF in Gulf Spill Cleanup Effort

National Clean Fuels will help separate oil from contaminated water in the Gulf of Mexico with the help of newly engaged environmentalist Norris McDonald.