Workers recover oil-filled boom for decontamination as part of the response effort to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

U.S. Names 9 Defendants in Deepwater Horizon Civil Suit

BP, Anadarko, MOEX, Triton, Transocean and QBE companies face Oil Pollution Act and Clean Water Act charges.

EPA Levies Hefty Fine on Calif. Company for Making Untested Health Claims

EPA has fined Monterey Park, Calif.-based Kinetic Solutions Inc. $82,400 for allegedly selling unregistered and misbranded pesticides and making unproven claims about their effectiveness.

Report Points to Brownfield Redevelopment as Source of City Revenues

A new report by the U.S. Conference of Mayors highlights the potential contribution that redeveloping brownfields can make to city revenues.

EPA Orders Natural Gas Driller to Stop Endangering Nearby Homeowners

Flammable and bubbling drinking water was coming out of taps at two residences near Fort Worth, Texas; EPA testing found methane and benzene.

More-Durable Sensor Technology Could Limit Toxic Runoff from Mining Operations

United Science, a Minnesota startup company, has licensed sensor technology developed at the University of Minnesota that could limit the amount of toxic byproducts from mining and other industries that end up in the environment and improve productivity at the same time.

Vapor intrusion screening may become standard operating procedure for environmental site assessments.

Vapor Intrusion and ASTM's Revised Vapor Encroachment Standard

The experts answer why the topic is so hot now and the best way you can protect your clients and yourself from liability.

EPA Warns of Toxins in Unregistered, Candy-like Mothballs

EPA discovered that a Brooklyn-based company has attempted to import candy-shaped mothballs from China that contain a toxic chemical and are not registered with EPA, as federal law requires, according to the agency. About 4800 brightly decorated bags of the product, called Fuji Lavender Moth Tablets, were discovered.

Tronox Settles with EPA for $270M

Tronox Inc. has agreed to resolve its environmental liabilities for $270 million and 88 percent of the company’s interest in pending litigation, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Small Business Owners Invited to Serve on Lead Paint Panel

Deadline for submitting nominations is Dec. 3.

ASSE Says Holiday Travel Increases Risk of Bedbugs

In the past, pesticides were used to eliminate the problem, but as pest control practices have changed, the bedbug problem has grown. Experts note too that most bedbugs are homegrown and are being spread from belongings taken from one place to another.

overturned gasoline tanker

Case study: Emergency Response

ENPRO reaches accident scene early and gets to work collecting as much gas as possible from the nearby Merrimack River.

Elevated Mercury Levels Found in Fish and Waters Throughout Indiana

About one in eight fish samples in Indiana had mercury levels that exceeded the recommended safety limit for human consumption, according to a recently released federal study.

EPA Identifies 16 Areas Violating Lead Standards

The affected states include Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee.

Owner, Company Convicted in Rochester Asbestos Case

The Justice Department announced Monday that a federal court jury convicted Keith Gordon-Smith and his asbestos abatement company, Gordon-Smith Contracting Inc., of violating CAA asbestos work practice standards and lying to hide the violations.

Deepwater Horizon Burns Emitted Low Levels of Dioxin, EPA Reports

The government's peer-reviewed reports say the levels of dioxins created during controlled burns were below levels of concern.

Oil spill cleanup

Commentary: BP Didn't Raise the Bar

Jocelyn K. Scheffler, who worked in the command center during the the Exxon oil spill cleanup, says many qualified emergency response and hazmat experts were excluded from the Gulf spill cleanup effort.

Embedded Red Fibers Make BPA-free Receipts Easy to Spot

Appleton applied technology from its security paper business to thermal receipt paper and expects to cover about 75 percent of its shipments by the end of November.