Safechem Offers Chemical Leasing Solution for Metal Degreasing

Along with solvent delivery, The Dow Chemical Company subsidiary provides waste management, technical support, and use of stabilizers, additives, and test kits.

Safechem™ North America LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, recently introduced the Complease™ Cleaning Process Solution to the metal fabricating and manufacturing industry in North America.

For a fixed monthly fee, the Complete Process Leasing Solution offers North American customers the ability to lease state-of-the-art sealed solvent degreasing equipment combined with customized chemical services, including the delivery of solvents (chlorinated and modified alcohols) in the Safecare™ closed-loop delivery system, plus direct comprehensive supporting services that include waste management, technical support/training, and the use of the highest quality stabilizers, additives, and test-kits.

According to the company's press release, customers can expect to lower solvent consumption by as much as 90 percent when compared to other traditional methods of metal degreasing.

“This is a new and unique business model for companies in the automotive, aerospace, electronics or medical industry, where the need for precision solvent-based cleaning is often critical” said Ali Shah, Ph.D., business development leader for Safechem.