Forest fires affect the organic content of soil.

Studies to Investigate Fire Effects, Mercury and Water Links

"We're trying to learn how biochemical molecules that microorganisms produce can attack mercury that is bound to natural organic matter and minerals, and release it back to the water," explained Kathryn Nagy, a University of Illinois professor.

Cheese Maker to Pay $315K for Polluting Creek in Idaho

According to DOJ, the company, which treats wastewater in a facility separate from its cheese-making plant, repeatedly violated its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit over a period of three years, affecting a waterway that flows into the Boise River, a salmon habitat.

Maxima Technologies & Systems Settles Alleged EPCRA Violations

EPA alleges that during 2007 and 2008, the facility processed lead in quantities that exceeded the reporting thresholds for lead and failed to file the required Toxic Release Inventory reports.

EPA Lays Down Concrete Steps to Address Chemical Risks

The agency has released action plans for benzidine dyes, hexabromocyclododecane and nonylphenol/nonylphenol ethoxylates ─ chemicals used in dyes, flame retardants, and industrial laundry detergents.

Group Wants DOE to Prepare EIS for Proposed Plutonium Facility

The Los Alamos Study Group has sued the government for its alleged failure to follow the National Environmental Policy Act for a planned $4 billion plutonium warhead core plant.

EPA Outlines Six Priorities for International Pollution Control Strategy

These priorities will guide the agency's collaboration with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation and other international partners.

Bayer to Discontinue Aldicarb Uses in United States

EPA toxicity data indicates that this pesticide does not meet food safety standards.

United States Amends Complaint on 2006 Explosion at Massachusetts Plant

In addition to recouping $2.7 million in cleanup costs, the complaint includes claims against C.A.I Inc. and Arnel Company, and two related owners of Clean Air Act General Duty Clause violations.

Georgia Report: Up to 79% of Deepwater Horizon Oil Still in Gulf

Scientists estimate that most of the oil classified as dispersed, dissolved or residual is still present. The National Incident Command report has been interpreted to suggest that only the “residual” form of oil is still present.

Tanco Kansas City Storage Facility Settles Multiple Violations

The company agreed to pay $97,000 for failing to document storage of sulfuric acid and prepare a Facility Response Plan to prevent spills.

Agency Proposes Requiring More TSCA Chemical Data More Often

Chemical manufacturers would need to provide production volume, facility data, and product uses information under EPA's Inventory Update Reporting Rule.

Analysis Supports Continuing N.Y. Nuclear Waste Disposal Site

A New York State Energy Research and Development Agency study developed tools to better predict, assess and manage disposal decisions.

EPA Releases Nanoscale Silver Draft Report

The agency said this is a starting point to identify and prioritize research directions for future research.

NOAA reopens part of Gulf to fishing

More than 5,000 Square Miles Reopened to Gulf Fishing

NOAA says no oil has been observed for 30 days in this area.

Watch Out for Bogus Bedbug Remedies, EPA Says

Pesticides designed for outdoor use should not be used to eradicate bedbugs indoors, the agency says, warning of possible health effects.

Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

Case Study: Curren Hits the Bull's Eye Using Online Process Analyzers

Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant improved its efficiency by upgrading to online process monitoring and control.

Groups Call for Inquiry into Possible Illegal Diesel Injection

The organizations want to know where and when Halliburton, B.J. Services and Schlumberger may have injected diesel during hydraulic fracking activities.

Corrosion a Problem, Plains Pipeline to Upgrade 10,000 Miles of Line

To resolve Clean Water Act issues related to 10 crude oil spills in four states, Houston-based Plains Pipeline will pay a $3.25 million penalty and install controls or new pipe to prevent future spills.

Agency OKs Smart Sponge Plus for Use in Reducing Bacteria in Runoff

The AbTech Industries technology helps lower coliform bacteria levels in stormwater runoff.