Texas Roundup Seeks Green Business Experts

July 30 is last day to turn in an application to present at the 10th annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair in Fredericksburg.

Case Study: Recycling Sulfur Material

Managers at a petroleum refinery in Kenai, Alaska, wanted to recycle over 36,000 tons of sulfur but a depressed sulfur market ($100 a ton) made the recovery effort unfeasible. When the price increased to $500 a ton at the end of 2007, the refinery contacted AIMM Technologies, Inc., a Texas-based petroleum service company.

Cornell Manages Half its Food Waste into High-quality Compost

The amount of food scraps and animal bedding Cornell University processes makes the university the second largest recycler in Tompkins County.

LG Mobile Phones and BART Partner in E-Recycling Program

LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., has joined forces with the Bay Area Rapid Transit to redefine convenience in mobile device recycling.

Nestle Provides Funds to KAB for PET Waste

Keep America Beautiful affiliates will use the funds to encourage plastic beverage bottle recycling.

Aircraft Recycling Event Focuses on Economics

Baltimore will host the symposium on Sept. 29-30.

States, EPA Enforce Fluorescent Recycling Laws

Residents may not be aware of bans on fluorescent lamp disposal in nine states.


A Thought for World Environment Day

Engineer asks why consumer waste is not treated onsite.

Ecology Rule Targets Transport, Handling of Recyclables

The state of Washington has a new rule that requires those that transport recyclable materials to register with the Department of Ecology.