Recycling Power Tool Batteries Can Be Profitable

DeWALT, a power tool manufacturer, will give a discount on purchases to those who recycle power tool batteries at its service center.

Venture Adds Managers for Plasma Enhanced Melter Gasification

InEnTec Chemical's new facilities will convert hazardous and non-hazardous chemical residuals into useful products and fuels.

Single-Use Camera Recycling Hits 1.5 Billion Mark

Eastman Kodak has been recycling its and other brand single-use camera since 1990.

Travel Group Names Top 10 Eco-friendly Destinations

No. 1 on TripAdvisor's list is a dive resort in Belize.

It's Cell Phone Recycling Time

EPA teams up with manufacturers to recycle cell phones during April in celebration of Earth Day.

Chinook, EMR to Recover Metal and Create Energy

Chinook Sciences and European Metal Recycling will convert auto shredder residue into renewable energy and recover metals in the process.