BAN Launches Electronics Recycling Certification

Both environmental groups and corporations back the e-Stewards initiative, according to the Basel Action Network.

Feds Recognize Sandia, ORNL for Recycling and Sustainability

Sandia National Laboratories recycled 124,333 pounds of electronics scrap through permitted electronics scrap recycling facilities while Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed net zero energy and sustainability initiatives.

Workplace Waste Reduction Efforts Work

Companies take grassroots measures until ROI emerges, Consortium says.

Kimberly-Clark Professional Musters a Green Patrol

Employees and other volunteers will be planting trees, cleaning communities, and recycling materials as well as watching for random acts of greenness.

57% Say 'Zero Waste' Achievement Is More than 40 Years Away

Glass Packaging Institute says it is trying to increase awareness to meet its goal of using 50 percent recycled content in glass containers by 2013.

California State University Recycles 71% for RecycleMania Contest

The 10-week challenge, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, engaged students at 607 colleges and universities to vie for the national reduce, reuse, and recycle title.

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Microemulsion May Allow Manufacturers to Recover Nanoparticles

Bristol University researcher and his colleagues heated a microemulsion that separated into layers and one of these contained nanoparticles that could be recovered and reused.

Ocean Conservancy Counts 7.4 M Pounds of Trash in Cleanup

Last year's 24th annual International Coastal Cleanup saw 500,000 volunteers around the world remove debris from oceans, lakes, and rivers.

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Welsh Company to Launch Recycled Plastic Homes

New building material offers sustainable solutions to meet housing market needs

Aluminum Wind Turbine Makes Finals' Cut in Recycling Contest

Wind Simplicity is a finalist in the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries' Design for Recycling Award.

Spent Lead-acid Battery Exports Require Consent in July

Notifications should be submitted at least six weeks before the July 7 deadline.

Recycling 1 Cell Phone Saves 44 Hours of Laptop Power

EPA, Plug-In partners are promoting cell phone recycling this week at collection centers across the United States.

Samsung Mobile Engages Students to Reach Recycling Goal

Company is trying to show how easy cell phone recycling can be and offers up a VIP concert and green grants as incentives.

Garb Forming Consortium to Build 10 E-Scrap Plants

With $135 million, Garb is engaging six companies to own, manage and operate 10 plants that will manage electronic scrap using the company's technology.

Data Security Drives Proper E-Waste Management, Survey Says

IT asset disposition trends report shows that about 84 percent of respondents have controls in place to handle end-of-life materials.

EPA Recognizes 71 Partners for Reducing Waste, Chemicals

2009 WasteWise and NPEP partners reported they eliminated or recycled 11 million tons of material.

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Serving Up Energy and Compost from Organic Waste

Waste separation, community buy-in, and high solids anaerobic digestion are key ingredients in turning table scraps and yard debris into a renewable resource recipe.