ElectronicsShowplace.com Partners with Engaged Recycling

ElectronicsShowplace.com has formed a new partnership with Engaged Recycling LLC, allowing customers to trade in or recycle their old electronics and receive a trade-in reward via mail in the form of an Engaged Recycling Visa® prepaid card.

“We all want to do what's right for our planet, and we all want to save money,” said Donna Jackson of ElectronicsShowplace.com. “Our new partnership gives our customers a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive way to trade in – or trade up ─ their old electronics.”

Engaged Recycling is a marketing and sustainability company that delivers solutions for electronics trade-in and recycling that are easy to use, reward participation, safeguard our consumers and ensure environmental responsibility. According to its Website, the company uses ISO-14001 and Department of Defense certified closed-loop processes for best in-class environmental electronics recycling that exceeds all state and federal legislative requirements. It has a broad network of product and commodities brokers to ensure that every piece, from repurposed phones and laptops to raw glass and plastic materials, returns the highest saleable value.

The products eligible for the program include video cameras, laptops, digital cameras, eReaders, cell phones, flat panel monitors, music players, GPS units, game systems, film cameras, and camera lenses – many of the types of products offered by ElectronicShowplace.com. Other items like printers empty ink jet and toner cartridges, as well as old home theater equipment, expect to be added to the list later this year.

The program uses best-in-class recycling methods while helping customers to keep a lid on replacement costs. Postage is supplied. “In essence, our new partnership gives our customers a way to trade in their outdated electronics,” said Jackson. “It stretches their dollars and helps the planet at the same time.”