Oil Decontamination System Ready to Clean Watercraft, Vehicles

The Hydrosite, a decontamination system by Hydro Engineering Inc., is totally portable and can be set up and operational in one day.

It includes a patented modular wash rack that collects wastewater and oil. The wastewater and oil is pumped to filtering and recycling equipment that separates the water from the oil and then supplies the water back to high pressure washers that reuse the recycled water.

The system arrives as a fully assembled package requiring just hours to become fully operational. This decontamination system can be used anywhere there is level ground, a water source and electric power from either the grid or a generator.

Originally designed for tactical deployment by the U.S. military, this self contained wash rack system can be delivered by either truck or transported by aircraft for quick deployment.

The wash pad can be disassembled and moved to another location quickly and easily making it suitable for use in the Gulf of Mexico for decontamination of watercraft and vehicles fouled by crude oil. The Hydrosite/Hydropad systems come in configurations from single operators to as many as eight operators working together to complete any wash and decontamination job requirement.