WM Recycle America Adopts Program for E-waste Recycling

The Responsible Recycling program requires participating companies to implement an EHS management system that tracks materials and minimizes emissions and worker exposure during electronics recycling operations.

Clarkson University Replaces Portland Cement with Glass

A new student center being built on the campus is using recycled industrial glass powder in place of 20 percent of Portland cement in its concrete blocks.

LG Earns New UL Certification for Computer Monitor

UL Environment says 90 percent of the materials and parts used to make the monitor can be reused or recycled at the end of its useful life.

NCPA Report: Nuclear Power Is Safe, Could Answer Energy Mandates

Recycling nuclear fuel would decrease the problem of nuclear waste disposal, the report says.

Chemistry Council Shares 10 Ways to Reuse Plastic

The holiday season brings about 25 percent more waste, or 5 million tons of garbage, to landfills but Americans can lower that amount by recycling, according to the American Chemistry Council.

RecycleMania 2010 Gears up with Registration

Nationwide contest determines which colleges or university can reuse and reduce the most waste.

Recycling Facility

The Proper Package for Fluorescent Lamps

Energy-saving fluorescent lamps pose mercury vapor risks when broken and require special packaging for their transport to recycling facilities.

18 States Ask Industry Groups to Withdraw N.Y. E-Waste Suit

Letter to Consumer Electronics Association and Information Technology Industry Council claims lawsuit challenges states' rights to hold manufacturers' accountable.

PET Groups Say 2008 Recycling at 27%

Report shows polyethylene terephthalate container recycling rate is up for fifth year. and RecycleBank Promote Online 'Recycling'

Users can earn discounts, gift cards with Kashless Rewards.

MRM, ERI Collaborate for Massachusetts' Expansion

Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sharp, and Toshiba TVs to be recycled free of charge.

New York's Extended Bottle Bill to Begin Nov. 8

State officials are giving retailers more time to comply with water bottle requirements.

Bridgeport Businesses to Recycle Mercury Thermostats

Product Stewardship Institute is running the project to help the city make headway on its B Green 2020 initiative.

Report: Business Needs Compelling Reason to 'Green Up'

George Mason University professor suggests strong leadership, a product label policy and tools to implement sustainability practices would be helpful.

NEMA Web Site Has Lamp Drop-off Recycling Information has partnered with the association to provide more information to visitors of

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