Candle Maker Recycles and Redirects 117 Tons of Garbage

Dunn Recycling awarded For Every Body the 2009 Green Team Excellence Award for its recycling and redirecting garbage efforts, said Paul Anderson, chief executive officer.

Anderson said the Lindon, Utah-based candle manufacturer recycled and reused 117 tons of garbage.

“For Every Body recycles wax, rebuilds old pallets, sorts garbage, and sells scrap all in the effort to be conscious of the company’s impact on the environment,” he explained. Pat Dunn, owner of Dunn Recycling, said the award is given to companies that are committed to recycling and diverting trash from the landfill. “To put things in perspective, most companies strive for 20 percent to 30 percent recycle rates,” said Pat Dunn, of Dunn Recycling. “For Every Body’s recovery rate of 52 percent (in its first year) puts them at the top 10 percent of recyclers in Utah County. For Every Body is really committed to being green.”

For Every Body, North America’s largest woman-owned candle manufacturing company was founded in 1995, as a retailer of bath and body products by Becky Anderson and her daughters. Their soy-based candles are produced at the large Geneva Road facility in Utah and then sold to major retailers across the country.