New Yorkers Increase Rechargeable Battery Recycling 13%

New York City has collected and recycled more than 44,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries through the Call2Recycle program this year, a 13 percent increase over last year. The amount of batteries turned in is equivalent to about 12 standard taxi cabs.

Legislation enacted three years ago this month mandates rechargeable battery recycling throughout all five boroughs, and all city retailers that sell rechargeable batteries are required to collect used batteries for recycling.

"New York City has demonstrated a consistent commitment to the environment, first by requiring battery recycling and then by subsequently growing collections year over year," said Carl Smith, president and chief executive officer of RBRC, which operates Call2Recycle. "By participating in this initiative, New Yorkers are helping to 'green' their city by keeping tons of solid waste out of landfills. This city is poised to set the precedent for battery recycling across the nation as more people become aware and decide to participate."