Chemical Exchange Offers Free Recycling Solution

Chemical Recycling Solutions is a Web site-based free chemical exchange that allows industry and manufacturers an opportunity to recycle unused, discarded chemicals and save money on disposal and purchasing costs.

The Web site was created by Chemical Recycling Solutions, Inc., a Greenville, S.C.-based company.

The Chemical Exchange provides an outlet for unused products and outdated inventory while developing a reusable product inventory for a reduced price. The Web site can link companies in separate geographic areas, diverse industries, and unite them in the potential exchange of reusable chemicals.

From acids, bases, solvents, acrylics, paints, surfactants, inks, oils and greases, and even a listing for Miscellaneous Chemicals, the assortment of surplus chemicals an industry can post is almost limitless. Users can simply register and then click on the Manage Listings page where chemicals can be posted. Individuals can download the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for review when posting. All correspondence is via e-mail. Individuals must register to contact companies that have potential chemicals already posted on the exchange. Arrangements, pricing, and transportation are strictly negotiated between the two parties. There is no fee paid to Chemical Recycling Solutions, Inc.