Environmental Protection


Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc.

SFT 10 High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Pump

The SFT-10 pump can pressurize carbon dioxide up to 10,000 psi (69 MPa) at flow rates from 0.01 to 24.0 ml/min.  The characterisitics make the pump useful in high pressure applications, including supercritical fluid extraction, supercritical fluid reaction chemistry and chromatography. It utilizes reliable, dual sapphire syringe pump technology to achieve high pressures rapidly. The Peltier chiller has cooling capabilities that maintain the temperature at the pump heads low enough to ensure the carbon dioxide remains liquid. 

    Bell & Gossett

    Wastewater Pump

    Wastewater Pump

    Bell & Gossett’s Impact™ series of high-efficiency submersible wastewater pumps has a self-cleaning impeller and casing. The pumps are configured to process solids more easily and to reduce clogging while improving hydraulic efficiency. The air-filled motor, dual mechanical seal, and seal chamber work to enhance overall pump efficiency and durability. Less wear of pump components over longer periods of time reduces both maintenance and energy costs. The pump’s seals feature better leak detection and are designed with hard faces that endure abrasive conditions in wastewater applications.

      Wilden Pump and Engineering Co.

      Wilden double-diaphragm pump

      Double-diaphragm Pump

      Wilden’s Advanced metal series T1510 air-operated double-diaphragm pumps, known as the Brahma, are designed for harsh solid-handling applications. This completely submersible product is a 76mm (3 inch) flap-valve pump with bolted construction. The pump’s large internal clearances and top-suction/bottom-discharge operation eliminate clogging, which allows for flow rates up to 977 lpm (258 gpm) and maximum pressures to 8.6 bar (125 psig) with a maximum dry-suction lift capability of up to 7.4m (24.4 feet).

        OMI Industries

        Odor Absorbing Gel

        OMI Industries' Ecosorb™ SprayGel is a broad spectrum odor neutralizer that can be sprayed directly onto the surface of the odor-generating area, such as sludge and landfill materials. The gel combines the powerful odor neutralizing capability of the standard liquid Ecosorb product with a low molecular weight polymer matrix that evaporates over several days. Total elimination of odors coming out of undigested sludge has been seen through this capping process.

          Endress+Hauser Inc.

          Level Sensor

          The Waterpilot FMX21 level sensor from Endress+Hauser has stainless steel housing and a flush-mounted process diaphragm, making it ideal for measuring the level of sludge and wastewater. It also can measure temperature with an optional Pt 100 sensor. A corrosion-resistant, coated version is available for use in aggressive environments. The sensor uses a ceramic cell to measure pressure. Pressure changes cause a change in capacitance, which the sensor’s electronics convert into a 4-20mA signal that is linear to the level of the liquid.

            Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

            Ceramic Ultrafiltration Technology

            Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies’ CeraMem ceramic ultrafiltration technology recovers 95 to 99 percent of the spent caustic solution from the cleaning section, reducing waste treatment requirements and hauling volumes to 1 to 5 percent of the original treatment and hauling effort. The benefits of the system include savings related to reduced make-up cleaner usage and spent caustic treatment, lower waste hauling fees, and reduced handling in the alkaline cleaning process.

              Munson Machinery Company Inc.


              Rotary Drum Screen

              A new self-cleaning Rotary Drum Screen model 24 RDS 24 from Munson Machinery removes solid materials from waste streams at high rates. The unit contains a rotating cylinder that is 24 inches in diameter by 24 inches long and is constructed of wedgewire screen. Effluent discharges from a head box, overflows a dam and flows onto the outside of the rotating cylinder, allowing water to pass through the wedgewire into the cylinder.

                Thern Inc.


                Power Winch System

                Thern power winch systems provide wastewater facilities with economical and versatile solutions for a broad spectrum of industry applications. These winches control the new floating pontoon-based dredges, a custom designed solution that is more cost effective and easily maintained than the previous system. Installed at accessible stations next to each basin, the winches eliminate the need for steel tracks and underwater maintenance. Programmable computerized variable speed controls enable fully automated, simultaneous operation of each winch.

                  Atlas Copco


                  Screw Blowers

                  Atlas Copco’s new line of ZS screw blowers average 30 percent more energy-efficient operation than conventional lobe blower technology. Industries that will benefit are municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, where air blowers typically represent up to 70 percent of the total electricity costs. The efficiency of this blower is attributed to the screw technology. Other features that generate increased efficiency and reliability are the integrated gearbox, the oil system and the design that integrates all individual components into a plug-and-run solution.


                    Drum Skimmer

                    Elastec drum skimmers are designed to handle multiple types of petroleum spills, from jet fuel to crude oil. The skimmers recover oil by rotating a drum through the oil-water interface. Oil sticks to the drum surface and is recovered inside the floating head. The drum skimmers respond to vegetable oil and bio-fuel spills as well, and are effective in recovering pollutants in marine environments and industrial pits.

                      Abanaki Corp.

                      EconoMini Oil Skimmer

                      Abanaki Corp. has added the EconoMini™ oil skimmer to its line of oil removal equipment. The device is ultra-compact at approximately 4" x 3" x 4" and weighs in at 6 pounds. This is the perfect skimmer to use in tight spaces, such as on parts-washer tanks and coolant sumps. It can even be used to skim oil through the 2" opening of a 55-gallon drum. EconoMini requires no assembly and little mounting space. Belts are available in either polyurethane or stainless steel and lengths of 8-, 12-, 18-, and 24-inches.

                        Assured Automation

                        Butterfly Valve

                        Assured Automation's line of resilient seated butterfly valves offer high-flow coefficients, ISO top mounting, a one-piece body with a self-centering disc, and a large selection of direct-mount actuators and gear operators. The valves are available in sizes 2 through 12 inches with a pressure rating up to 225 psi, and the 14- to 24-inch valves have a pressure rating up to 160 psi.

                          WILO EMU

                          Packaged Lift Stations

                          EMUPORT Packaged Lift Stations from WILO EMU are available with an integral solids separation system. The robust system prevents lift station blockages, including systems with a high percentage of solid content. This includes sewage containing material that will not dissolve. The dry-pit design allows pumps to be maintained without contact with the sewage, and it can be installed above or below ground. Sewage flows into a collection chamber where the solid content is held.

                            Koch Membrane Systems Inc.

                            Aeration System

                            Koch Membrane Systems' Puron® submerged membrane modules are designed for membrane bioreactor treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. The aeration system ensures optimal solids management, a high-flow rate, and reliable operation. The air nozzle discharges air from the center of each fiber bundle at the base. The combination of rising air bubbles, resulting hydraulic cross flow, and the seaweed-like movement of the membrane filters comprise an energy-efficient process that ensures even sludge, hair, and other fibrous components are dislodged and moved out of the system.

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