Nearly $10 Billion Invested in Clean Water in 2013

A new report shows that governments and companies around the world invested $9.6 billion to help sustain clean water supplies.

Last year, almost $10 billion in investments from companies and businesses was used for clean water supplies, according to a Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace study. The funding went to more than 7 million homes and restored and/or protected 365 million hectares of land.

"Forests, wetlands and other water-rich ecosystems are the first line of defense against the rising cost and receding availability of clean, healthy water," said Michael Jenkins, president and CEO of Forest Trends. "Governments and businesses are finding that investment in watersheds is a cost-effective way to close the gap between what communities have and what they need to manage watersheds."

Watershed health was improved due to the $41 million in funding from the private sector. $6 billion has already been invested for more watershed projects through 2020, with more to come.