It’s the 20th Annual World Water Day

Several organizations and companies, such as American Water Works Association and GE, are recognizing Water World Day, which highlights the critical role that water plays in the everyday lives of people and animals around the world.

The American Water Works Association joined the United Nations and water advocates throughout the world in recognizing the 20th annual World Water Day, observed today. AWWA Executive Director David LaFrance issued the following statement.

"Each year on World Water Day, we are called upon to remember all the benefits that safe and reliable water supplies make possible such as public health protection, economic support and support for our overall quality of life. On World Water Day 2013, the more than 50,000 members of the AWWA water community join the United Nations, Water For People and other partners in calling for an end to the global water crisis, especially the ongoing struggle against waterborne illness and water-related food scarcity in developing countries.

"This year's World Water Day theme of "Water Cooperation" highlights the critical role that water plays in the fulfillment of basic human needs, the environment, socio-economic development and poverty reduction. This is a reminder that cooperation is essential to promoting a balance between different needs and priorities to share water as a precious resource.

"On World Water Day 2013, AWWA thanks its members for their hard work to end waterborne disease in North America. With the support of our organization, Water For People is also working hard to do the same in less fortunate areas of the world. As we all turn on our water faucets on March 22, let's raise a glass of tap water in salute to the water professionals who make safe drinking water possible."

In GE’s recognition of Water World Day, the company has issued an infographic that depicts a day in the life of a water droplet, highlighting facts such as how many gallons of water are used to process common household products; how many gallons of water it takes to produce enough food for one person in a single day worldwide; the top five nations in terms of water usage; and the average world water footprint per person per year. To view the infographic, please click here.

For more information on World Water Day 2013, please visit this website.