Hammonds' Chlorination System Earns NSF Certification

Houston, Texas-based Hammonds has earned the NSF International certification for the Hammonds 80-P Vortex Tablet Chlorination System..

NSF International is the non-profit public health and safety company that certifies products and writes standards for food, water and consumer goods with an eye toward maintaining public health and safety.

Rick Richardson, vice president of Sales and Marketing, said, "To our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer offering the industry a complete tablet chlorination system ─ including metering pump ─ that carries the NSF certification. Our system consists of a high energy vortex mixing chamber with no moving parts, which produces a precise measure of calcium hypochlorite solution using a positive displacement pump. It’s Hammonds' fluid technology at its best," he added.

The system covers a wide range of flows up to 2,000 gallons per minutes and offers accurate and dependable chlorine injection consistently. In addition to this, the tablets are safer than bleach or gaseous chlorine that offers operators, cities, and municipal water districts safe and clean water.

The Hammonds Companies are owned by FabCorp, a leading global fabrication and machining company also headquartered in Houston.

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