Rainfall, Conservation Fill Aqua Pennsylvania's Reservoirs

Consistent and frequent rainfall throughout the summer months has kept Aqua Pennsylvania's reservoirs at capacity throughout the summer season, the company said.

August in particular saw rainfall of 10 inches, which is three times normal rainfall in much of the company’s Southeastern Pennsylvania operating area. While the rainfall was not quite record-setting, over the course of the summer, it was enough to bring year-to-date totals as of Aug. 31 to 6 percent above normal. The number of rainy days in June, July and August totaled 39 and also negatively impacted sendout, which was down more than 10 percent compared to the summer months in 2008.

“Reservoirs have been full all summer. By Labor Day, they were overflowing when they would usually be down about 25 percent,” said Aqua Chief Environmental Officer Preston Luitweiler. “We’ve heard that this summer, instead of topping off pools, some people were removing excess water. Many golf courses that normally irrigate throughout the summer didn’t have to.”

Reservoir levels are determined by both inflow and outflow. Ample rainfall increases inflow. Frequent rainfall affects outflow by suppressing demand. “When it rains consistently there is less discretionary use of water for landscaping, filling pools and washing cars. The good news is that we have plenty water for future use thanks to the weather coupled with conservation,” said Luitweiler.

Aqua Pennsylvania provides water and wastewater services to approximately 1.4 million people throughout Pennsylvania. It is the largest subsidiary of Aqua America, Inc., a U.S.-based, publicly traded water and wastewater utility holding company, which serves approximately 3 million people in 13 states.

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