Brewer and GreenHouse to Create Fuel from Yeast

GreenHouse is teaming-up with beer pioneer Karl Strauss Brewing Company to convert spent beer yeast into ethanol fuel for California.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company has signed off on providing 28 tons of spent beer yeast per week and GreenHouse will collect the leftover waste and distribute it throughout California to home and business-owners where, using the E-Fuel MicroFuelerTM, they can safely and efficiently distill their own ethanol, according to a recent press release.

The E-Fuel MicroFueler is a portable ethanol micro-refinery fuel system for consumer use.

"One person's waste can be another's treasure," said Chris Ursitti, GreenHouse chief executive officer. "Karl Strauss has taken an enormous step in creating essential clean energy by providing its waste not just to GreenHouse but to the entire state of California."

Alleviating pressure from landfills, the reusing of brewery waste to create fuel for cars will help to develop a cleaner and more sustainable region.

"Karl Strauss has been an integral part of San Diego's growth over the past two decades," said Chris Cramer, Karl Strauss chief executive officer and co-founder. "We have grown as a brewery, we have realized our expanding footprint on the community and environment, and now this commitment with GreenHouse shows our social awareness. We hope it sets a precedent in our region."

The GreenHouse business model includes set up, delivery and servicing of each MicroFueler unit at customers' home or business. Using state-of-the-art semiconductor technology, the appliance-sized MicroFueler units are pump-stations and ethanol distillers requiring only three kilowatts of electricity to produce one gallon of E-Fuel100 which in turn generates up to 23 kilowatts of energy. E-Fuel100 is made up of 100% ethanol biofuel and is safe for all vehicles made after 1991.

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