UL Sponsors Water Exhibit at Field Museum

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a company that provides product safety testing services, is sponsoring Water, an exhibition at The Field Museum in Chicago that focuses on how people use water and the future of clean water supplies.

The exhibition runs through Sept. 20.

"UL's Global Water business provides safety testing and certification programs focused on drinking water and the products and systems that deliver it," said Jeffrey Smith, general manager, UL Global Water Business. "This partnership with The Field Museum raises awareness for safe drinking water globally while educating consumers on various water quality and quantity issues and the role UL plays in each of these important areas."

The Water exhibition aims to teach visitors about the importance of Earth's most vital and fleeting resource, according to The Field Museum. Visitors will examine how living things adapt to extremes of wet and dry environments, and learn how human behavior alters precious aquatic ecosystems. People will be inspired by conservation efforts from around the world and discover what their families can do to protect and conserve water. Through hands-on activities, immersive dioramas, and artifacts, Water presents life's essential element uniting us, surrounding us, and challenging us.

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